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  5. hello and greeting to all of you from finland. i hope you are all doing well, and i found you via the center for disease control wiki. big hug to all and keep up with all your shenanigans…holy shit i sound like my parents. well, really. best to each and every one of you…heff


    • Yo, Gary! You still in Finland? There’s talk of a CDC Boys reunion here in the States and Dean and I have already discussed how much we’d love you to be involved. Course, I’m not sure you’d want to travel thousands of miles to sit on a bale of hay. Then again, we’d give you a microphone, maybe a saw, some free Shake N Bake boxes to flaunt back home. Ya gotta admit, it’s a tempting offer! (do they have Shake N Bake in Finland?) Just think of the “cred” you’d have when you returned! Well, maybe not cred. They’d probably take your passport. But at least you’d be smug in the knowledge that you helped forge music history! Course, you’ve already done that. Maybe we could have a coupla beers in Belltown and see how long it takes to get arrested. Let me know if you’re interested!


  6. Nicki Bartlett, you are a beautiful person, Thank you for the Flubug Bugle.
    I am so happy now, I lov the reflections of your environment in which you find your selves, say hay to Mike 4me.

    Alahandra Zobel Roxas


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