eunice-street-horsesEunice is a small, sleepy town known for its Civil War reenactments and, of course, its Civil War Museum. The average per capita income is considerably higher than its neighbors in pretty much all directions, but it’s still a lower middle class town where it’s not unusual to see horses tethered to homes or lounging on lawns.

Eunice Civil WarMany in Eunice proudly fly the Confederate flag from their cars and homes. Some go so far as to wear their reenactment costumes to work. This gives the shops and flea markets a quaint, nineteenth century feel which makes Eunice something of a tourist attraction. Indeed, many Flubuggers make the trek on Sundays to take in the anachronistic atmosphere and browse the many shops and open markets that line Main Street.

Even the local police ride horses in Eunice.

Anyone who’s been to Eunice will tell you: it’s almost like traveling back in time to a simpler era when gas lamps lit the streets and the North and South were at each others throats.