Police Commissioner

jimmy-mcveighBradshaw’s Pike Police Commissioner Jimmy McVeigh is a no-nonsense law enforcement official who came up through the ranks in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Down County.

He made a name for himself in the 1960s with his invention of “hose therapy” which he employed in Rilesville to subdue unruly agitators who, he claimed, had been bused into Bradshaw’s Pike from Quagmire.

After his methods were thoroughly lambasted, he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to roughest section of “The Pike” along The Old Road (11 Mile) where he again used his therapeutic techniques on the locals.

Loathed by the public, but revered by his peers, McVeigh rose to the rank of Major in 1994 and given the Golden Hose Award for his lifelong achievements. He was elected Bradshaw’s Pike Police Commissioner in 1996 and continues to hold that position to this day despite his advancing age. He’ll be 107 years old this year.