City of Balto

Art Deco Govt Ctr in Balto

Art Deco Govt Ctr in Balto

The City of Balto is the county seat for all of Down County. Government buildings include the Art Deco Government Center on Influenza Square which houses the offices of the Board of Supervisors, Emergency Manager and Lottery Commission, Down County’s Superior and District Courts, the Balto Interior Building which houses the Department of Parks and Recreation, Public Utility Commission and the Water Commission, the Down County Police Commissioner’s building which houses the Corrections Department, Board of Education and Police Commissioner’s offices and several other socialist outlets.

The city has a reputation for left-leaning politics which is why residents and businesses, like Red Flag Books, are regularly referred to as the socialist pinkos they truly are.

The City of Balto was established in 1876, not long after Scotch Johnson ran out of gas and founded the City of Flubug.