Public Utility Commission

Ambrose BancroftAmbrose Bancroft is the Down County Public Utility Commissioner, a self-made millionaire whose financial acumen and incredible sense of timing (he opened his bank just days before the TARP funds were released) jettisoned his modest enterprise into the empire it is today and well past the largest bank in the region (valued at $400).

Ambrose is also part-owner of the only race track in the region, Horseman’s Park in Stateline. His silent business partners are rumored to be the notorious Villaneuva Brothers, suspected in an elaborate horse-smuggling ring tied to the Brackwater State Correctional Facility cafeteria. He is also on the GEPCO Board of Directors, the utility giant that offers the only electric, gas, phone and internet service in the county. His yacht, “Miss Appropriate,” is kept at the Tanwater Marina where he regularly entertains Down County’s most prestigious citizens, including the Overmeyers.

He recently purchased The Circulator.