Lottery Commission

Serfs Up copyThe Down County Lottery Commission manages more than a dozen games of chance throughout Down County including Instant Thousandaire, 9 to 5, and Flubug’s Fantasy 15.

The Commission also regulates the popular Serfs-Up scratch cards sold at Dude’s Guns and many of the area’s finest stores including the Take It N Git Markit and Nick Carz’ newly opened Kinda Dog near Brackwater State Correctional Facility

Gaming also includes more than just scratch cards. Slot machines may be found at scenic lookouts throughout Tanwater State Park and situated at a half dozen key locations at Spotter’s Field where people like to gather to prey on parked vehicles.

.Winners are encouraged to use Nick Carz’ free lottery ticket pickup service which includes a complimentary gallon of Thunderbird and your drug of choice. Good luck!