Police Commissioner

Thornton-VanceDown County Police Commissioner Thornton Vance is one of the county’s most colorful civil servants. He was recruited from Barking in the late 50’s where he worked as an escape artist.

A perennial trickster, Vance is seen here (left) demonstrating how easy it is to escape from a pair of handcuffs. Indeed, it was Vance’s design that helped modernize the county’s police force and helped propel his career past dozens of senior officers.

But Vance brought more than just skill to the job. He brought contacts. His contacts with the underworld, criticized for years until the last surviving critic was fished from the Miasma, gave him an uncanny, almost psychic, ability to predict crime. When the Balto First National Bank was robbed for nearly $13,000,000, it was Vance who first claimed to have known it would happen. When an armored car filled with diamonds was ambushed on Slopeside, it was Vance who claimed he knew the culprits.

And yet there are still those who question Vance’s abysmal arrest record in light of his nose for crime.

The last one was seen in 1973.