Down County has a vibrant night life and a wide range of nightclubs to choose from. For the young at heart, there’s the new 15,000 sq. ft electronic dance hall, Mocha’s Lounge, in the WOPP featuring top name DJs, laser lights, high-priced drinks and plenty of designer drugs. The club, which used to be The Ditch, is run by self-styled entrepreneur Dylan Mocha who spared no expense (of the Villanueva’s money) to revamp the premises. Easily the hottest spot in town!

the-knave-adJust across the Pike is The Knave, ground zero for the young, gay and proud (and recently out) in Flubug. Every Wednesday is Faerie Night and weekends feature half-price Rob Roys. Join the fun, join the dancing, join the community at The Knave!

That Place Down The RoadFor a shit-kickin’ good time, try the country/middle-of-the-road fare at That Place Down The Road on Down County Road just across from the Sav-A-Bit Market.

Happy hour from 4pm to 7pm and live music seven nights a week make TPDTR a long-standing tradition with the locals. Free parking and never a cover charge.

Funzy's Social ClubIf you’re in Balto, missed your bus (or your dealer) and need a drink (really bad) you can try your luck at Funzy’s Social Club. What it lacks in entertainment it makes up for in atmosphere. What it lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in clientele. And what it lacks in clientele it probably lost in the latest raid.

Bring a nine millimeter.

The-ACAnd speaking of 9mm’s, the Air Conditioned City (or “AC”) is another venue you might want to try out (cautiously). Though many acts are reluctant to play there for fear of losing their equipment, they do offer live (if intermittent) music. They also have a wide and diverse appeal (including those awaiting appeal). If you’re looking for “edgy” (or looking to take the edge off), try the AC.

Until last year, Club Elite was the only jazz club in Flubug with regular acts like Brewston Mills and Lex Farrington. Unfortunately, the club has since closed leaving Flubug with no venue for such venerable musicians. But that may change! Check back for updates.

nixon kennedy adFor the older gay crowd, the Siesta Lounge in the Nafta Inn is the place to be. Once the heart-throb of gay Flubug, the Siesta is now a piano lounge for hustlers and aging queens.

But don’t despair.

There’s karaoke on Saturdays, mimosas on Sunday mornings and Nixon Kennedy tickles the ivories every weeknight until 1pm. Even The Wolf stops by every now and then to croon down Memory Lane. If you’re too old for The Knave (and too young to cash in your green stamps), the Siesta Lounge could be just for you. Half price cape cods every weekday from 2pm to 7pm.

Bradshaw's Tavern adAnd hey, if you like karaoke (and don’t mind singing for a hundred bikers) head on over to Bradshaw’s Tavern. Run by the town’s namesake, Elmer Bradshaw, Bradshaw’s has $3 pitchers, a great selection of jukebox hits and a real Harley Davidson behind the bar. Great place to indulge your alter ego (if your alter ego is Sonny Barger).

For those who like their nightlife hot and spicy, there’s live music at Wild Bill’s. Bill’s is a fixture in the Flubug Turnaround with music from Los Hombres Internationale, El Quasho, Estaban Bustelo and the Yorgies, J. Garcia and the Border Rats, Po’ Boys, Cabrera, ID Snatchers and many more. If you like menudo, margueritas and music, Wild Bill’s is your best choice on the weekends.

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For authentic Uzbek nightlife and cuisine, try the Uzbek Social Club. The club, which just hosted the New Uzbek Minstrels doing their new All-CarpenterS CD, is continually on the lookout for original Uzbek talent. Though not swamped with bookings, their occasional shows make up for their spotty bookings.

If you still can’t find the nightlife you’re looking for, you might want to head to Stateline, home of Horseman’s Park. Stateline offers casino gambling, sports books, gentleman’s clubs, a FASCAR sports racing track, cock fights, greyhound racing and every other form of lewd and lascivious entertainment too ghastly to mention (see you down there!).