Mocha Lounge

The Mocha Lounge, formerly The Ditch, is owned and operated by Dylan Mocha who bought the property from Mandy Manley in October, 2015. The deal, arranged through Faydz Realty, was one of the largest real estate deals in recent history, eclipsed only by the purchase of Nix Air Force Base by the City of Flubug.

dylan_mochaWhere Mocha got the money has spawned considerable speculation. The Villaneuva brothers were seen at the club on New Year’s Eve. That in itself has led to (private) conjecture of a tie-in with organized crime. But no connections have yet been made.

The evolution of the property sparked a renaissance in the rundown neighborhood formerly known as Beantown. Mocha spent tens of thousands of dollars to expand and renovate the club, blazing a trail for other young entrepreneurs who poured into the area.

Thanks to his vision, the neighborhood changed. So did the name. “Beantown” was no longer acceptable. It was racist, demeaning and downright objectionable. Folks started calling it WOPP (West of Pencil Place).

At the center of this hip new neighborhood was the Mocha Lounge which, thanks to the exorbitant cover charge, was exclusively frequented by young white kids with impeccable pro-gay, anti-racist credentials.

Fleeing FamiliesThe Mocha Lounge marked the beginning of the end for the impoverished families of Beantown. They packed their things to the ear-splitting rhythm that droned from the club day and night. They never met Dylan Mocha and they never found out how open-minded his patrons were toward the poor and people of color.