red-barn-paintingself-portrait-ditch-fanThe City of Flubug is home to a wide and varied community of artists. Though there are no art galleries at the present time, artwork may often be viewed in banks, dentist’s offices and occassionally bail bondsman’s waiting rooms. The painting to the left (Red Barn on the Ninth Hole) was painted by Angelantonio Ferrazzi for his mother whose shingles forced her to give up golf.

To the right is a self portrait painted by an unknown Ditch patron, presumably under the influence of alcohol and hallucinogens. It draws on the challenges of life on the streets while evoking the timeless message of hope repeatedly heaped on the less fortunate. This particular piece went for $20,000 at a recent Overmeyer auction when it was announced the artist had hung himself from the Black Lung Memorial.