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Andrea Feodorov was born during a full moon to poor immigrant peddlers in the backwoods of Grapite Cornerz. On the night of her birth, the moon was obscured by millions of dragonflies who converged on the woods in an odd gathering now known as the Odd Dragonfly Gathering (ODG). It's said Andrea was imparted with special wisdom from these insects and that one day, when the moon aligns itself with the KRAK radio tower - Flubug's answer to the magnificent Lighthouse of Alexandria - she will impart this wisdom to us through the pages of the Flubug Bugle. Until then, all we can do is wade through the ridiculous nonsense that passes for journalism.

2016 Flubug: The Year in Review

roller-coaster2016 was a roller coaster for Flubug.

It began with a fracas in Bradshaw’s Tavern parking lot, a fire in Founder’s Park and a fruitless hunt for Hellion’s lead singer, Firebug.

knave-small-adThen we lost The Ditch after decades of unrestrained music, behavior and drug use (CD available here).

The New Uzbek Minstrels played Carpenters covers at the Uzbek Social Club.

Roman Candy relocated to The Knave.

And, in a nod to the increasing influence of Uzbeks, The Sound of Uzbek opened at the Overmeyer Cultural Center.

Collectors were ecstatic as rare stamps, coins, and notes went on sale – like the error-free $100 Flubux note put out by optimistic merchants – and bygone stamps were re-issued by Postal Inspector, Jerry Zambiski.

Crowds packed Eunice’s Civil War Museum to marvel at wax reenactments like The Incident at Eunice Creek, Grant’s Fume, Buford’s Reproach and Stonewall Jackson’s momentary possession by Rasputin (before demanding refunds).

Rilesvillians revealed themselves to be the hate-mongering, sub-human ghouls we always knew them to be, with a failed train bombing and films that elevated hate to an art form.

dinosaurA completely new new dinosaur species was discovered by archeologists with the Shilltown Museum of Natural Oddities. The Shillasaurus is now on permanent display at the museum with the world’s only known miniature tusk-free mammoth (which looks curiously like an elephant).

We elected a new emperor in 2016 who, by all accounts, is committed to turning Flubug into an independent nation through a FluExit referendum to be held next year by his children (who are scheduled to be on safari through March).

Whole Hog

Yet more than anything else, 2016 was The Year of West of Pencil Place (WOPP). A flurry of store openings including Vapid, Whole Hog, The Smelt, Paddy Water, Ponzi Hut, and a failed attempt by Hope Faydz to revive Pencil Place, sent a green light to hungry developers and a Severe Tire Damage sign to affordable housing buffs hoping to reverse escalating rents.

So, what’s in store for 2017?

No one can know. But whatever it is, you can bet your last Barking Nickel you’ll read about it in The Bugle.

The only independent newspaper left in Flubug!



First Lady’s Panties “Create Jobs” Says Ramsey

baby-doll-solitaryAfter months of accusations, Emperor-elect Ramsey has admitted that autographed panties sold by his wife, incoming First Lady, Cindy “Baby Doll” Ramsey, as part her line of high-end women’s underwear (BabyDollz) were manufactured by inmates in solitary confinement at Brackwater State Correctional Institution and that the inmates “may or may not” have received compensation.

baby-doll-ramseyBut Ramsey was defiant about his wife’s activities, claiming they were entirely above-board and wholly consistent with his promise to keep jobs in Flubug.

“Who would you rather see get the work? Flubuggers going through a temporary rough patch? Or a bunch of slopes in Sumatra?”

Reporters, caged in Moxie’s basement, grilled Ramsey intensely after the announcement with a torrent of critical tweets.







An anonymous activist from the quasi-terrorist American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), voiced “disappointment” with Ramsey’s explanation last night during a collect call we traced to the Balto Bus Station. The activist, we later learned was Gilbert Schtickson, said, “If I wasn’t on my way to Nepal I’d really be worried about this guy” just moments before he was apprehended.



Ramsey Saves Stump Painting Job

More than a month before his coronation, Emperor-elect Ramsey is already making good on his promise to “save whatever jobs I can” in Flubug.

Stump Painting adWhiz Bang’s stump painting gig, which helped him augment the financial burden of free health care, free food stamps and a rent subsidy program approved by Satan-worshiping socialists in Balto during last year’s 340-day legislative recess, “will not be outsourced,” proclaimed Ramsey.

“There’s plenty of trees in Tanwater Park. And I’ll be damned if I’ll watch one more job lost so eco-terrorists can go camping.”

The news, coming on the heels of an announcement by Pay & Pay that they’re laying off their entire workforce and shipping their operation to Barstool (east of Shilltown), was greeted with wild enthusiasm by Ramsey’s supporters who celebrated by setting fire to the bar stools at Louis the 14th.

Fearing a populist uprising, proprietors at Bohunks, Wild Bill’s, even the Drunken Dagger, have replaced their bar stools with step ladders.




“Emperor” Ramsey’s Cabinet Evokes Dr. Caligari

Restore Our Flubug“Big Dog” Ramsey, who won an unprecedented tenth term in office in an election marred by accusations of voter intimidation by Rilesvillians and meddling by the Villaneuva Brothers (who all but crushed his opponent Laraboo Washington when they leaked an unpaid gas bill just days before the election), announced he is changing his title from Sheriff to Emperor of Flubug just one month before taking office.

His supporters, many of whom gathered for impromptu lynchings, were ecstatic at the news. “Works for me!” said one supporter, briefly removing a white hood. “King. Emperor. Whatever. It’s time to clean this town up!”

Ramsey’s pronouncement follows a slew of controversial cabinet picks:

Buck Knickers

Womyn With ProblemsNick Carz’ name is also being floated for the newly-created position of Casino Affairs Director, a position that would oversee all lotto and gambling operations in the newly-formed country of Flubug.

The lineup, which still has to be approved by Ramsey’s children, spawned the hashtag #DrCaligarisCabinet for an hour today before the creators were arrested and renditioned to the Ukraine where they’re reportedly undergoing water therapy.

Asked to comment on the cabinet picks, Ramsey’s campaign director, Fannie “Corndog” Cornwallis, just smiled.

“He’s amazing, isn’t he? Who else could put such a talented team together in just ten minutes?”


Tomorrow Always Sucks Opens Tomorrow

tomorrow-always-sucksThe long-awaited sequel to the Bond franchise, Tomorrow Always Sucks, opens (tomorrow) at theaters across Down County and fans, many of whom have camped out for months (which has nothing to do with the film) couldn’t be happier.

Blake Mosley, Flubug’s erstwhile FBI-Agent-at-Large, is in top form as Agent 007, charged with preventing an unhinged Ukrainian crime boss (Paul Manafort) from rigging a presidential election and wreaking havoc on everything from the World’s Largest Graphite Pencil to the Flubug Caverns.

Wren and Sonata are brilliant as Manafort’s misguided seductresses. Wren, as “Sayonara,” captivates Bond while secretly blaming him for the loss of her Miss Universe crown. Sonata, as “Pusskovatchka,” takes him on a perilous spelunking day trip that accidentally(?) reveals a labyrinth of wired explosives and enough dynamite to put Manafort in the Oval Office and make Tire Fire City look like a Yee sparkler.

manafortAs always, Mosley and Manafort are electrifying on screen. Manafort’s dastardly deeds include rigging a manatee with a remote control detonator, sending KGB-trained turtles into Democratic districts with fake proxy ballots, dropping photos of Chris Christie naked from Port Authority drones over the George Washington Bridge and synchronizing a series of explosions so massive, so incredibly dastardly, no one but Bond could possibly stop him.

paul-manafortPosters of Paul Manafort posing in his signature wet suit with the exact spear gun he reportedly used to take out Ukrainian protestors have been selling faster than Raven’s meth at a Hellion’s concert. And Manafort’s skills as a political operative have proven to be just as effective on this side of the Atlantic.

“I gotta admit,” he told one reporter. “It’s kinda nice getting a paycheck in English.”

Rumors of a nomination for Best Supporting Actress have also been circulating in the wake of Ellen Barkin’s stellar performance as Miss Moneypenny. Barkin, who turned the mildly flirtatious role on its heels by performing fellatio on Bond for ten steamy minutes, is said to have guaranteed a role in the next three sequels.

You won’t want to miss this one!



No Brain Eating Amoebas, Says Fowler

Water CommissionerAnd now a Community Service Message from Down County Water Commissioner Bunky Fowler on the brain-eating amoebas reported in Flubug’s waterways.

(the following statement is presented verbatim and was read by Commissioner Fowler over the phone from Watersbad Canyon where he’s currently rafting)

“First, I wanna a-ssure everyone that as fer as the CDC, Down County Water Commission and me personally are concerned, they ain’t no brain-eatin’ nothin’ in our waterways. And that ain’t just me talkin. That’s the CDC, Ol’ Spillchuck here and dozens o’ campers on the Miasma which is supposed to be Ground Zero fer the li’l buggers.”

“Folks, these here o-moeba things needs brains to sur-vive. And that might just be our savin’ grace. Like them space shows where the aliens cain’t cope in our envire-mint? These here brain-eatin’ moebas cain’t make it in Flubug without brains.”

Miasma Rapids from Watersbad Canyon“And that’s good news. Cuz I’m happy to report I ain’t seen one ioter o’ brains since I got to this hellhole, and I ain’t just bein’ nice to the folks in Watersbad Canyon. They’s just as brain dead in Poison Wells, Quagmire, Shilltown and everywhere else in this county! Hell, I almost feel sorry for the li’l brain-eatin’ bastards.These here o-moebas is gonna starve their asses off round here. An’ that’s just fine with us.”

The connection momentarily broke with the sound of a hand slapping flesh.

“But just sose ya know what the symptoms are if ya get bitten by one o’ these glorified fireflies. They starts with a sort of inco- incoherent babb – babbling where the person starts, s-s-s-st-tarts to st-st-stutt-er an’ goes off on tangents like the time my brother-in-law poached a damn salmon in his wife’s washin’ machine an’ tucked the dill ‘n’ lemon in the pocket of his truck drivin’ school jacket an’ got charged $80 cuz it stunk like a dead clam for a month and….uh….uh….he….”

The Bugle has momentarily lost touch with the Commissioner. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will attempt to reconnect as quickly as possible and will let you know when we’ve done so.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking of getting married (and you’re not gay), consider Poison Wells, the Honeymoon Capitol of Down County. In Poison Wells no one will know if you’ve been bitten by brain-eating amoebas.

What happens in Poison Wells, stays in Poison Wells!



Beseech Opens New Campus at NIX

BENIXBeseech Academy, the staunchly conservative university founded in 1918 by Quaker dough boys and a generous gift from the Overmeyers, opened a new campus this week at the site of the long-shuttered Nix AFB.

BENIX, as the campus is called, will offer four-year degrees in a variety of disciplines not available at their Hormel location:

  • Assassination Techniques
  • Lone Wolf Management
  • Tactical Weaponry
  • The Crusades
  • Airborne Pathogens
  • Political Destabilization
  • Coup Design & Development
  • Suicide Recruitment
  • Terror Scene Staging
  • Gay Aversion Waterboarding
  • Moslem Hand Signals

Two-year degrees will also be offered in:

  • Bomb Proofing ID Specialist
  • Intermediate Gun Runner
  • Sharia Law Coach
  • Assistant Globalist
  • Perennial Heathcare Plaintiff
  • Benghazi Witness

And for those with less interest in a long-term commitment, BENIX will offer a vast array of certification programs:

  • 2D Printing
  • Ice Cream Delivery Systems
  • Forest Eradication
  • Prison Escape
  • Getting Around Background Checks
  • Breaking & Entering
  • 1-2-3 Arson
  • Helicopter Flight Instruction
  • Vaginal Piercing

And, finally, for those just interested in building on current skills:

  • Hubcap Flipping
  • Making Chloroform
  • How to Stretch Your Bribery Dollar
  • How to Get SimWork Off Your Resume
  • Advanced Smuggling Techiniques

BENIX will serve up to 435 students from around the world including such bastions of political freedom as Uzbekistan, Turkey, Siam, Belgium Congo, South Africa, Bolivia, Argentina and Lagos, Nigeria where Beseech’s sister campus is located.

The campus in Lagos – BENIG – is already a world leader in Islamic provocation, piracy, rhinoceros poaching, anti-AIDS research and micro-loan programs that provide much needed funds to promising machete dealers and horn poachers.

BENIX will also feature the school’s trademark cafe and book shop, “The Holy Owned,” where you can enjoy a snack, quaff a Nigerian ale and engage in rigorous debate with a bigoted, intoxicated undergrad. You might even meet Reverend Stanton DeMoss, Dean of Beseech Academy whose ready crop and smudged monocle make him a well known site on campus.

Get to know BENIX today!

The Overmeyer Historical Society

The Overmeyer Historical Society

Zambiski: Stamps To Increase by 200%


Jerry Zambiski

Flubug Postal Service, citing financial difficulties and the increased popularity of carrier pigeons, requested a 200% price hike on all stamps at a meeting with the Down Board of Supervisors on Friday. The closed session was convened to test the waters for a possible grand jury investigation into escalating costs and complaints under Jerry Zambiski’s tenure as Postal Inspector and was designed, according to analysts, to deflect criticism from the Board of Supervisors.

But Zambiski turned the tables on the Board when he announced the release of three previous stamps, a request from collectors that’s fallen on deaf ears for decades. The re-released stamps, set to go on sale this September, derail the theory that new stamps cost too much and that Flubug has nothing noteworthy to feature. According to Zambiski:

“Flubug has a rich history of accomplishment and innovation. We at the FPS realize that and we’ve tapped that spirit of innovation to re-release these popular vintage stamps with some updated delivery options.”

The first issue, which has already generated a great deal of enthusiasm, is the $2.50 Guaranteed Delivery stamp. This stamp, once a mainstay of the Flubug Postal Service, guarantees that your letter or package will be delivered no matter what the weather or road conditions for a flat $2.50 fee.

guaranteed-deliever-stampThe second issue which has generated considerably less enthusiasm, mostly with budget-conscious Flubuggers, is the $1.50 Possible Delivery stamp. This stamp, according to Zambriski, harkens back to the early (some might same modern) days of Flubug when mail delivery was never a certainty. possible-delievery-stamp

The third re-issue, eagerly anticipated by collectors, is the 75 cent delivery stamp known as the Fat Chance that made its debut during The Great Apathy at the turn of the last century. The Fat Chance, perhaps the most common stamp known to Flubuggers, holds the least likelihood of being delivered. However, packages were delivered in less remote areas during its use (which trickled off with the introduction of the more reliable Slim Chance delivery stamp in 1935).








Zambiski says the 200% increase in price over last year’s stamps (themselves re-issued) include the cost of re-issuing the treasured stamps and “ensuring we can make good on our promises.”

The decision to move forward with a grand jury investigation will depend “on large part,” according to an official close to the Board of Supervisors (Jim Butterman), “on the public’s reaction to the price increase and services provided.”

He went on to say Zambiski is “an idiot who should never have been promoted past the rank of mailman” and that [the Board] has no faith that Zambski’s scheme will improve service beyond the level of the infamous “mail toss” used to deliver mail to the Tinwawa after they were thrown into the Miasma.

Junior Underachievers

Fever St Man Arrested Wheeling Dead Wife Into Backyard

shopping-cart-murderFlubug authorities arrested a man Saturday who was allegedly seen wheeling a woman’s dead body in a shopping cart into his backyard.

“Glock” Monroe, 31, was charged with murder, concealing a dead body and transporting a human corpse without a permit.

glock-monroeThe Flubug Police Department said an off-duty detective (one of three) saw him wheeling the corpse, covered with an Entitlement Week banner, into his backyard near Fever and 2-J (J.J. Dynomite Freeway). When the detective tried to question Monroe, he fled.

After a brief chase, during which a shrub became lodged in the suspect’s head, Detective Jack “Jackrabbit” Abbott arrested Monroe without incident. An investigation is pending.

The medical examiner will determine the cause of death for “Glock’s” wife, 28-year-old Agrubba Buggs, who was conveniently wheeled into the autopsy room still slumped in the cart. Monroe was taken to Down County Holding for processing.

dickwadd-probation-adMonroe has been arrested more than 60 times for drugs and violent crimes. He was released last week under new sentencing guidelines penned by the EZ Read Bill Writing Council. Those guidelines, billed as a way to ease prison crowding, reclassified drug offenses as misdemeanors, violent assaults as a gross misdemeanors and murders as felonies.

The result has been an exodus from Brackwater Prison, now down to six death row inmates, a veritable crime wave (with crime up 500% since last year) and an increased reliance on probation to mitigate crime.

Monroe will be arraigned on Monday if he shows up. Bail was set at $200.


Amateur Astronomer Discovers Black Hole Over Nailyard

astronomerPax McCauley, grandson to the only goat horn-playing antique dealer in town, has astonished his friends and the astronomical community at large with the discovery of a massive black hole above Nailyard.

The results, published in the Nailyard’s TV Guide, breathe new life into the discredited theory that prehistoric beasts roam the region by offering wormholes as a possible explanation. Wormholes might also explain how the Titanic wound up in Tanwater Lake and why Dooley keeps coming back, year after year.

The scholarly paper, tucked between the crossword puzzle and the burial assistance insert, claims the black hole is so massive it filled McCauley’s entire lens. He estimates it at roughly “two hundred solar masses” and claims it’s “almost conspiratorial” that no one ever mentioned it before.

“I’ve been watching the skies since I was a kid and this is like nothing I’ve ever seen,” said McCauley, squinting at the cameras. “It’s as if all the light in the night sky was suddenly eaten up!”

McCauley, who only a year ago, said….

Okay, okay. Enough is enough.

CORRECTION: Since republishing this story on Tuesday we’ve since discovered that McCauley not only has cataracts; he neglected to take off his lens cover. We’ve also discovered he has a rare light phobia that compels him to tape the windows in his grandfather’s basement with Hefty bags and is addicted to caffeinated lozenges. Gramps begged us not to print this correction and even offered free goat horn lessons for a year (an $8 value). But you know what? To hell with him. Pax is an idiot and everyone knows it. And shame on the Nailyard TV Guide for publishing his ramblings. Of course, in Nailyard, this kind of story probably counts as pretty good copy. Thank God we hold ourselves to a higher standard.





Rare Stamps and Coins Tell The County’s History

Down County’s rarest stamps and coins will be on exhibit through June 31st at The Overmeyer Historical Society on Slopeside. The exhibit, called Down County’s Most Ludicrous Stamps & Coins, will showcase the entire Overmeyer collection, and is sure to draw visitors from far and wide.

rare stampSome stamps, like the 1911 Vermouth 2 1/2 deca cent “Glaring Czar” which featured The Stunted Grape Czar, Umlatz Karshlev, daring lickers to affix postage, will appear for the first time in public.

Deca cent stamps are especially collectible due to rarity of the denomination. Deca cents were minted between 1898 and 1912, and only in Vermouth. They were designed to increase circulation of the czar’s worthless currency by forcing people to carry ten times as many coins. But the ploy failed when Great Grape Famine drove ink prices higher than the price of lead.

rare stampAnother stamp not seen since its inception is the Daring Darius, a sixty-five cent air mail stamp that features Darius Overmeyer in his Infernal Machine on its doomed flight across the Miasma. The stamp, minted in 1924, was rarely used due to its prohibitive cost and the fact that no one believed escape from Flubug was possible. The fact that he never returned has only confirmed those suspicions.

rare stampOvermeyer’s Infernal Machine is featured again on another stamp – the dreaded Postage Due issue of 1926 which gave postmen the leverage to assign arbitrary costs to insufficient postage, driving some families into bankrupcy.

The policy, embodied in this unfortunate issue, only fueled the rage against Overmeyer whose ludicrous flight became emblematic of Flubug’s collective inadequacy. The stamp was abandoned in 1926 and was never reissued. It was the last stamp to feature Darius Overmeyer.

beer stampBut not all stamps were government issue. Beer stamps became an easy way for workers to transfer paychecks to company-run taverns – and an easy way for companies to cut wages even further by adding service and transfer fees.

Erskine Dobbins, father of the bridge to nowhere (Barking) was quick to seize on this trend with a variety of “Dobbins Currency Notes.” This note, at 16 and 2/3 cents, was impossible to cash at face value since a cent was the smallest denomination in circulation. Dobbins thus charged a $15 “conversion fee” to cash his own bank notes, leaving his workers with less than a penny for beer (which he then sold on credit).

rare hunting stampA 1935 Tanwater State Park Hunting Stamp will also be on exhibit. The mint condition stamp, which allowed hunters to shoot any number of migratory birds within a six month period, was discontinued after the birds changed their migratory routes and began soiling hunters’ vehicles. Subsequent efforts to revive the hunting laws were unsuccessful.

rare nickelOf the coins on display, none is so dramatic as the Rilesville Nickel, which touted the area’s legacy of archeological finds from 1923 to 1936. In 1937 the reverse design was changed from an (alleged) Alostegosaur to “Lucy,” the world’s oldest human skeleton at 600 million years old. The design was changed again in 1938 when those claims were debunked and replaced by a mummy with two heads. The Rilesville Nickel is considered the finest example of this particular mintage.

rare nickelOther coins on display include the Barking Nickel which was wildly popular in its day. The Barking nickel would never be included in an exhibit of rare coins were it not for The Barking Fire of ’43 which consumed the Bank of Barking, next to the bearded lady, Barking Loan & Investment, next to Ralph the Elephant Boy, Barking Real Estate, next to Bart’s World of Mirth, and the First National Bank of Barking which faced Margot the Maggot Girl. Every known Barking nickel melted in that fire, thanks to pickpockets who retrieved the coins for their circus paymasters. On display will be one of only two known coins featuring Rumbus The Original Whistling Elephant (also lost in the fire).

rare tokenAnd what exhibit would be complete without a nod to the days of the graphite industry? This “Wage Coin,” issued from 1930 to 1937 by the Flubug Mining Co., was given a purposely vague value to generate speculation during the Depression. A mere rumor of increased wages could increase a man’s pay by increasing demand for the coins. This made the Wage Coin very popular especially to the company who paid far less in tin than they would have for real currency. Unfortunately, most Wage Coins were lost in cave-ins, explosions and other mining disasters. By 1938 the coins were shunned by workers in favor of hard currency.

rare pennyPerhaps the most spectacular coin in the exhibit is the Jenny Penny, the only one known in existence.

Minted during the first two years of the Civil War, the “Jenny Penny” paid homage to Jenny, the Confederacy’s finest warship that sunk four Union sailboats, a catamaran and three inner tubes before being sunk in the Battle of Kirk’s Creek by a floating log. Jenny Overmeyer was named after this historic vessel. Both have been lost to time.

rare centAlmost as rare is the Quag Cent, a coin which kept numismatists arguing for decades over its existence. It wasn’t until an odd-looking peasant tried to use the coin for bus fare in 1977 that its existence was confirmed. This Quag Cent is particularly interesting as it portrays Erick The Idiot, a bearded tyrant who accidentally united Quagmire while selling rats door to door in the 14th century.

rare five cent piecerare nickelEarly Mulligan is also represented with a Drunken Fool two cent piece and a Five Bones nickel, both minted before the Depression. After the Depression, tokay, cigarettes, dry matches and Mulligan Stew replaced coins.

If you love stamps and coins, want to learn more about Down County’s history, or just want to get out of the house for a day, visit the Down County’s Ludicrous Coins & Stamps Show at the Overmeyer Historical Society. The Glaring Czar alone is worth the price of admission (which by the way is $10). And don’t forget to check out the Gift Shop on the First Floor.

Tell ’em The Bugle sent you and we won’t have to bust our ass selling them ad space next year.

coin and stamp show






Rilesville Phrase Book

rilesville-phrase-bookTravel to Rilesville can be unlike travel to any other part of Down County (except Quagmire).

Local customs are as foreign as travel to another country and most of us try to avoid the place altogether.

But there are some basic concepts which can make your trip more tolerable.

Those concepts, as well as phrases most useful in Rilesville, are expertly covered in the newest phrase book from the Ostrich Original Language Book series.

Phrases like:

  • Whose owl is this?
  • But I gave you a twenty.
  • They’ll never pay that much to get me back.
  • Where’s my luggage?
  • They were wearing ski masks.
  • The other leg, you idiot!
  • Isn’t my hotel the other direction?
  • He was carrying an axe.
  • I’ve been shot.
  • Those aren’t my clothes.
  • How much to have my meal actually cooked?


  • There are chickens in my berth.
  • My blindfold’s too tight.
  • Can you repeat your demands?
  • Help!


It’s also important to note that the concept of hate is central to Rilesvillian culture and language. For example, it’s customary in Rilesville to start every sentence with “I hate…” So the literal translation of the phrases above would be:

  • I hate that I don’t know whose owl this is
  • I hate that I’m pretty sure I gave you a twenty
  • I hate them because they’ll never pay that much to get me back
  • I hate that I can’t find my luggage.
  • I hate that I can only remember they were wearing ski masks
  • I hate that you chose to operate on the wrong leg
  • I hate the fact you’re taking me away from my hotel
  • I hate the axe he was carrying
  • I hate that I’ve been shot
  • I hate my clothes which are gone
  • I hate to ask how much it would be to cook my meal
  • I hate these chickens in my berth
  • I hate this too tight blindfold
  • I hate that I didn’t get your demands the first time
  • I hate that I need help.

It’s never easy to travel. And it’s especially daunting in Rilesville. But if you have to travel to Rilesville, don’t leave home without the latest phrase book in the Ostrich Original Language Series.

It might just save your life!


Film Festival Opens to Protests in Rilesville

simone-tagliaThe controversial films of director Simone Taglia were greeted by protests this weekend as the third annual Hate In The Media Festival got underway in Rilesville.

The protesters, bused in from Vermouth and Shilltown, blocked the entrance to the Rilesville Rialto for about an hour before being beaten back with cattle prods and maces. In all, sixteen protesters were taken to an undisclosed location outside Rilesville. Another twenty-six were cited for engaging in anti-hate speech and interfering with the life, liberty and pursuit of hate of the average Rilesvillian.

film festival posterAt issue are the violent themes of this year’s films, particularly those of Director Simone Taglia whose most recent cinematic attempt, Bat Shit Crazy Shill, combines random violence and tribal rivalries with an unpaid cast and a half page script to create a travesty unparalleled since his last film, Gangs of Rilesville in 2015.

film festivalGangs of Rilesville follows the lives of two hooligans who reach celebrity status in Rilesville and combine their talents to foist an unflappable taste for evil on high school baseball. Loosely based on the origins of the Rilesville Haters, whose underhanded tactics led them to be barred from all Down County high school games, the film falls apart in the first thirty seconds when Gourash reveals the entire plot in an unscripted aside to the audience.

When the film was released it was widely panned for its use of excessive violence, mostly from exploding baseballs used to blow up rival teams in Down County. But it was a box office smash in Rilesville where it fed a local sense of persecution and prompted Taglia to up the ante.

But not all controversial media at this weekend’s festival are films.

everyone loves raymondThe locally popular Everyone Hates Farook on Rilesville’s cable channel, KRIL, is equally controversial and prompted a Down County Board of Supervisors’ inquiry into the channel’s inclusion in GEPCO’s Family Entertainment lineup. But GEPCO stood their ground characterizing the channel as “a refreshing change” while castigating Roman Candy for calling it “Whack-A-Mole TV.” They also said KRIL is in its infancy and they “expect great entertainment” in the coming months. The comedy series, starring Giddeon Flack, features weekly attacks on a wanna-be Rilesvillian from Poison Wells named Farook who makes enemies with everyone he meets. It airs Tuesdays at 9pm.

60s comedy filmPerhaps less controversial is the classic ’60’s comedy What Could (possibly) Go Wrong? from Rilesville director, Torrio de Angeles. The film, starring Horst Mulebratten in his first (and last) comedic role, follows the escapades of a wacky quintet as they rob, pillage and faire l’amour on the cobblestone streets of 1966 Rilesville.

The third annual Hate In The Media Festival runs through May 8th at the Rilesville Rialto on the corner of Hate and Loathing in downtown Rilesville. Tickets are $15 at the door.

See you there! 

sheriff advertisement



Concealed Carrie at the HAAC

concealed carrieRadio personality, Concealed Carrie, will host a concealed weapon fashion show at the Hormel Horse And Assembly Center this weekend to benefit Sheriff “Big Dog” Ramsey’s re-election effort which, if polls are correct, can use all the help it can get.

Carrie, who first met Ramsey during a sting operation at Quik Fux that lasted three years and netted a valet selling combustible lozenges, had nothing but praise for the sheriff during a recent radio show.

“No one knows more about concealment than Big Dog. He taught me everything I know. I’m doing this benefit because I just want to give back.”

According to Madam Moon, proprietor of Quik Fux, Carrie gave more than “back” to the revered sheriff. But that hasn’t dissuaded the hundreds of fans already lining up outside the HAAC to catch a glimpse of Carrie and grab some fashion tips on concealed weapons.

And they won’t be disappointed.

Carrie, whose mid-afternoon radio show is nearing the ratings record set by Roman Candy’s final installment of Inside Flubug Tonite, has models from as far off as Hell or High Water (30 miles east of Shilltown and completely off the Down County map) who’ve agreed to participate in the two-day event.

concealed carryMany, including Mimi “Ot Six” (right) whose concealment techniques have been criticized by Euton “Dude” Holmes and others as “seriously lacking,” are donating their time just for the exposure.

“It’s a great way to, ya know, introduce myself,” says Mimi who claims she’s concealed “weapons ‘n shit” for most of her adult life (six months). “Sometimes you just gotta get creative.”

Others, like Marlene Franco, who carries her concealed weapon into the gym in the off chance “some idiot forgets to wipe down the stair master,”  are donating time and money.

“Big Dog’s the best sheriff this town’s ever known and it’s up to us all to help him out.”

The Flubug Shaman has strange oracular powers. For five bucks he'll tell your fortune. For ten he'll tell you the truth!Sheriff “Big Dog” Ramsey is currently running ten points behind the Flubug Shaman who’s promised free beer to anyone who votes for him, double the food stamps for anyone who has a child in the next nine months, decriminalization of methamphetamine, the release of all inmates in Brackwater Prison and a path to citizenship for everyone in Quagmire.

Tickets are $25 at the door.

concealed carry



Horseman’s Park Preps for Specimen Cup

race-trackIf you still haven’t made your reservations for the Specimen Cup at Horseman’s Park you might already be too late. The Stateline Convention Authority is reporting that lodging as far west as Hormel is booked solid for the weekend of May 6th through May 8th, and rates have jumped a staggering 500% over last week.

horsemans-innEven the seediest motels in South Stateline, infested by hookers, drug addicts and legislators, are charging fees of $175 or more per night during race weekend.

And if you haven’t already made your reservations for Bohunk’s Horseman’s Park Shuttle service you may also be out of luck. The beloved service will make its last run to the track on May 7th in anticipation of the bar’s closure on May 15th. Whether Daisy Faydz – who purchased the bar to open a “self-conscious” grocery – will continue the shuttle is unclear, but sources close to Faydz say she considers the bus “a complete embarrassment.” So I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Even so, park officials aren’t concerned. Ambose Bancroft, who co-owns Horseman’s Park with an undisclosed partner known only as Vinnie, says the park may even start their own shuttle service.

“We’re not gonna wait for some ditz to realize there’s money to be made shuttling suckers bettors to the track. Businesses are already lining up to sponsor the service.”

And speaking of lineups, the entrants in this year’s Specimen Cup are some of the finest in Horseman’s Park memory.

AbcessAbcess, the twice-maimed, thrice-crowned thoroughbred who filled Flubuggers with hope during the Depression, will be back (along with the Depression) and jockey Midge Caitlin at the whip. Caitlin will be looking to clinch a record-breaking fourth Triple Crown win this year and is Nick Carz’ odds-on favorite.

fallen-horse-riderWhiplash, the sprightly male who’s won three of his last four contests by diving into the turf and tripping his opponents, is expected to give Abcess a run for his veterinarian money. Trainer, Vig Talabi, who heads Citizens Against Pencil Place, recently altered the two-year old’s training to include handstands and somersaults. At 2/5, Carz must like his chances.

sorry-assEunice-bred, Sorry Ass, will be coaxed into third position by jockey Graile Bungman riding for Kip “Francios” Mauvier of Mauvier’s Equestrian Village. Bungman, who describes Sorry Ass as “extremely sensitive about his performance,”  says recent workouts have been encouraging and that next week they’ll trying running him without his blinders. Carz has him at 6/5.

horse-accidentHope Faydz will make her maiden entry into the Specimen Cup with Hormel-bred Jump Street, slated to start from fourth position. Faydz, who planned to ride Jump Street until a steeplechasing attempt waylaid her back, has asked nemesis, Wren, to steer the disinterested nag to the finish line. Carz gives all three no more than 6/5 odds.

horse-traffic-copThe Flubug Police will also be entering the race for the first time with Choke Hold, a ten-year old nag decommissioned from pulling SWAT wagons with the introduction of humvees. Choke Hold will be ridden by Officer Chip Benson, described by Sheriff Ramsey as “the only guy on the force who can get that damn nag up!” Carz’ odds are 3/2.

yees-horseTran Mihn Yee’s entry, Used Appliances, will be ridden by first-time jockey Knowe How Yee who (at 8 lbs) is practically the same weight as the horse. Yee had been criticized in the past for entering undernourished horses who seemed only to advertise his poorly manufactured products. But Yee may have turned a corner with Used Appliances who is fully three pounds heavier than his last entry, Prices Slashed. Even so, Carz has set Yee’s odds at a dismal 8/2.

It’s all happening at Horseman’s Park May 7th at 1pm. Get there early!



New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Shilltown

new dinosaur species discoveredArcheologists at the Shilltown Museum of Natural Oddities have unveiled what they claim to be a new species of dinosaur. The incredible bipod, recreated from a collection of bones found “pretty much in the same place,”  has been named Shillasaurus and is thought to have roamed the region between Shilltown and Rilesville “until it gave up learning to swim.”

Shillasaurus is estimated to have weighed nearly eight tons and lived over 165 million years ago. Archeologists also speculate that Shillasaurus was an herbivore, an unfortunate stroke of luck for a creature who lived in an area then covered by three miles of ocean.

As you might expect, excitement ran high in the museum break room as archeologist, Boone Hensington, Jr., son of the famed explorer, announced his breaking discovery.

“After years of tireless effort to locate and reconstruct the bones of this amazing creature, we can now say definitively that Shillasaurus is like no dinosaur we’ve ever seen.”

An artist’s depiction of Shillasaurus unfurled from the ceiling, covering a mural of Hensington’s last discovery: a nine mile “electric eel” that turned out to be an underwater cable.

new dinosaurHensington continued:

“Shillasaurus has much to teach us.”

“He was clearly adapted to the Jurassic lifestyle and we believe he could out-run, out-claw, out-pierce and out-jump almost any dinosaur of his era. In fact, he was almost an amalgam of the dinosaurs of his age. Yet what he could not do, what he could never do – and what we believe led to his downfall – was swim.”

Silence erupted into spontaneous applause as Hensington announced that Shillasaurus would be on permanent display at the museum starting May 1st.

But not everyone in the crowd was clapping.

Dr. Wolfgag Cobb, a noted contrarian, questioned the process used to reconstruct the bones.

“Zeees bones ver excavated from five different locations! They’re triceratops, stegasaurus, raptor …who knows vat else? Zeees isn’t a Shillasaurusit’s a shill!”

Cameras and champagne bottles popped as Cobb was led out of the room.

“He’ll probably get the Pulitzer Prize for this,” beamed the curator, referring to Hensington. “This is a proud moment for our museum.”

Shillasaurus will be on display at the Shilltown Museum of Natural Oddities this May through November in the Jurassic Room next to “Amy,” the world’s only minature tuskless mammoth (a discovery detractors have called the remains of a common elephant).

dinosaur museum ad

Paul Pot Announces Sex Change

pol pot sex changePaul Pot, the docile Cambodian refugee whose likeness to Pol Pot spurred an investigation into potential ties with the Khmer Rouge, has finally changed his name.

He’s also changing his sex if a front page spread on the Weekly Bug (a discredited rag not worthy of mention) can be believed.

As if that’s not all, he’s also been named “Woman of the Year” over the strident objections of runners-up, including a battered mother of six who home schooled thirty autistic children while earning a bachelor’s degree and nursing Siamese twins.

pol pot skullsPot, who goes by the name “Paula,” claims “she always been woman” and credits her obsession for breeding incredibly huge dragonflies for the Summerfest Insect Toss as a “natural mothering instinct.”

When asked about her bizarre house of skulls Pot replied that she “collects skulls like woman collect shoes.”

Pot also insists her decision to forgo surgery in no way diminishes her legitimacy as a woman and scoffs at those who maintain she’s only cross-dressing.

“Got plenty padding. Double D. Nails, too. You see me on cover.”

But the women’s advocacy group, Lesbians Out Loud (LOL), takes aim at Pot’s claims and decries the subsequent publicity on their website:

“Men masquerading as women make a mockery of our struggles, trivialize our subjugation and introduce an insidious new paternalism that seeks to invade our deepest mysteries.”

Rebecca Koons of the Balto Civil Liberties Commune had similar sentiments but held her most scathing attacks for The Weekly Bug:

transgender tabloid“To elevate a man who many believe murdered two million Cambodians, who lives in a house of skulls, and who’s claim to fame is breeding dragonflies, to ‘Woman of the Year,’ – simply because he changed his name and put on a dress – is a slap in the face of every woman in Down County. The Weekly Bug should be ashamed of themselves and our hearts go out to the deserving women bypassed by this travesty.”

Pot will be sharing her cosmetic tips this Saturday and Sunday between 12pm and 2pm at Mascara in Balto’s Influenza Square.

Sampson and Sampson are reportedly mulling a book deal with Pot and Cable 99 WFLU is considering a reality show filmed on location at Pot’s house of skulls in Bradshaw’s Pike.

political ad



Dickwadd Proposes No Child Unremanded Legislation

Dickwadd Probation Services, the for-profit probation company that mounted a costly battle this year to stop pre-approved bail, lost their fight this afternoon in a closed door session of the Legislature when the bill went down to defeat by a vote of 18-7.

The defeat, widely attributed to Mayor Ornery’s threats to expose Dickwadd’s Legislative Summit attendees to their wives, was not unexpected. Pundits, including our own cracker jack political analysts (okay, political science interns from J.J. Dyn-O-Mite Elementary School), were in near agreement that the bill was dead on arrival, especially after it was learned that a grand jury investigation into the disappearance of 16 strippers who allegedly provided entertainment at the strip club summit was in the offing.

Seasoned Analyst

What no one saw coming, including our seasoned analysts, was the counter proposal put forth by CEO Carlton Dickwadd, Jr. in this afternoon’s proceedings. That proposal, dubbed No Child Unremanded, would grant Dickwadd an option to purchase the cash-strapped Brackwater Correctional Institution and run it privately into perpetuity for an undisclosed sum.

In exchange, Dickwadd would build a much-needed college K-6 school in Nailyard (Brackwater Li’l Inmates Center), a junior high school in Lusher (Brackwater Juvenille Detention Center), a pre-school to replace My Little Pony Daycare (My Little Brackwater), a technical school to replace Flubug High (Brackwater Foundry) and an orphanage (Brackwater Crib) to fill the vacant tract known as the Down County Wren Assistance Ranch.

When asked about Flubug Stadium, Dickwadd suggested the embarrassing structure could be replaced with a state-of-the-art sports arena (with the “right incentives”) and that such a plan was “well within the realm of possibilities” if the bill were to pass.

In a nod to legislators whose constituencies have long yearned for a professional sports team (which is pretty much everyone), Dickwadd added that Stateline Slots’ owner Benji Katonis had already “shown an interest” in making a move to Flubug if the opportunity arises.

polo-jonesPolo Jones, Director of Education and Corrections, was quick to voice his support for the measure calling it an “important step in integrating the county’s education and justice systems.”

Cal Winston, Deputy Chair of the Flubug Athletic Association, called the bill an “absolute necessity” and said the Slots’ relocation would mean high-paying jobs and increased entrepreneurial opportunities for everyone.

Mayor Ornery was also quick to back the alternative measure calling it a “win-win” for education, sports and the “brave men and women who serve in our correctional institutions.”

But not everyone agrees. Dexter Cornweiser, former quarterback for the Brackwater Brayers, claims the proposal is nothing more than attempt to turn the private corrections industry into a vertical monopoly. According to Cornweiser, Dickwadd has never shown an interest in education “except when he damn near killed that 8 year-old with a golf ball!”

Just to be clear, Dickwadd was cleared of any wrong doing in that case, an outcome that had nothing to do with the $75,000 donation he made to District Attorney Mayweather Simms’ re-election campaign.





Terrorists Explode Nail Bomb Outside Vermouth

caboose-1BREAKING – Terrorists in a lone caboose, suspiciously unhooked from a freight train carrying six tons of 8″ brad nails from Nailyard, threw at least three homemade bombs from the car two miles south of Vermouth in what authorities are calling the “dumbest terror attempt in Flubug history.”

The blast, which could be heard up to fifteen feet away, spewed nails in several directions, injuring a drunken possum, two darting gophers and a rare fartingale that was perched nearby out of sheer curiosity.

licenseNo one has yet claimed responsibility for the ludicrous attack and police are still looking for the would-be terrorists who fled on foot after the explosion event. But authorities have been able to find clues to the assailants’ identities including a Rilesville flag found inside the rail car and a driver’s license poorly redacted by what investigators say may have been a Sharpee.

Undercover Agent“Whoever did this was clearly trained in Rilesville,” said Blake Mosley, lead investigator for the Flubug Bureau of Investigation. “The ordnance detonated a good four miles from any conceivable target, evidence was left at the scene, including a driver’s license, and they had no plan of escape except to run and we’re chasing them down now. Unless this is some eco-terrorist group with a grudge against gophers, I’m guessin” it was a typical Rilesville attack.”

Sheriff “Big Dog” Ramsey, locked in a battle with Leighton Laraboo Washington to keep his job in November, was quick to respond:

“The unforgivable crime we saw today in Vermouth clearly demonstrates the need to revive my Enhanced Inquisition Program which was gutted by bleeding heart socialists like Laraboo Washington in 2009. That program kept us safe for almost six years and I would hope the idiots in Balto will now reconsider their decision.”

Lieutenant Leighton "Laraboo" WashingtonWashington was quick to respond to Ramsey’s response:

“Sheriff Ramsey’s suggestion that we legalize iron maidens or whatever he used in his last term in office is a calculated ploy to tap our fears in pursuit of his quest for unbridled authority. Torture is not who we are as a people. Floggings, maybe. But not torture.”

More as details come in.


The View From Two: Dateline March 23, 2016

Greetings, Flubuggers!

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve had a little chat, really a bit too long. These days I hold forth from my office here at The Knave, right under the TV on Seat #2.  They make a mean Singapore Sling in this place (extra fruit!) and I love watching Australian Rules Football and nonstop reruns of “Le Cage…”

I’ve been on a whirlwind tour promoting my new audio book Rakin’ Muck and getting my “passport stamped” from here to Honeypot Village, most recently by the batista with the red goatee who works the cafe at Whole Hog....talk about steamed milk!!!

toss-saladOver on Bradshaw’s Pike, word is the old Bargain Lube auto shop that closed last year will reopen as a “slick” Rough Trade fun spot called Toss My Salad. Running the show will be none other than Nailyard legend, Randy Castro, who commands a large (whimpering) following throughout the county. Wonder what’s “Coming Soon” …Randy or the club?

In old downtown…

daisy-faydzHope’s delinquent offspring, Daisy Faydz, is back on the scene, having finally graduated from Beseech Academy with a degree in Demographic Snobbery. Her next move? She bought the old Bohunk’s space on Main (without mom’s help) and will convert it to into a seriously effete heath food emporium. Tentative name: Bean of the Day, billed as a “self conscious grocery.”

Hoping a milkgrass smoothie will help this hangover!

And speaking of hangovers, if you can afford it, why not check out the new theme night at Blackwater’s up on Kingman’s Slope. Titled “Trust Fun,” owners Shawn and Paddy promise a chance to Get Your Affluenza On! with $45 drinks all night, long lines, racial quotas, legal advice and more. Take that, you 99%ers!

In the Graphite Cornerz News Dept…

Nick-Carz_Kinda-DogOver Brackwater way, our little prison is becoming quite the commercial hub. We’ve got the new home of Check ‘N Pay, a second Sav-A-Bit Markit, Yee’s II Home Salvage and Nick Carz’s Kinda Dog restaurant (right) which is less “dog” than “dig” (as in, dig out your wallet), all within shouting distance of “The Old Grey Lady’s” looming walls. Makes you want to break out just to go shopping!

That Uzbek Feeling….

They’ll be plenty of fun for all over at the Uzbek Social Club all weekend…..call it a dung deal as the revamped New Uzbek Minstrels bring their high energy All-Carpenters cover show to town. Come for the headgear, the twirling, and all the shosteg vromzeik you can gag down.

Gotta run, folks, my new Shitfit watch is telling me it’s getting to be that time…