Film Festival Opens to Protests in Rilesville

simone-tagliaThe controversial films of director Simone Taglia were greeted by protests this weekend as the third annual Hate In The Media Festival got underway in Rilesville.

The protesters, bused in from Vermouth and Shilltown, blocked the entrance to the Rilesville Rialto for about an hour before being beaten back with cattle prods and maces. In all, sixteen protesters were taken to an undisclosed location outside Rilesville. Another twenty-six were cited for engaging in anti-hate speech and interfering with the life, liberty and pursuit of hate of the average Rilesvillian.

film festival posterAt issue are the violent themes of this year’s films, particularly those of Director Simone Taglia whose most recent cinematic attempt, Bat Shit Crazy Shill, combines random violence and tribal rivalries with an unpaid cast and a half page script to create a travesty unparalleled since his last film, Gangs of Rilesville in 2015.

film festivalGangs of Rilesville follows the lives of two hooligans who reach celebrity status in Rilesville and combine their talents to foist an unflappable taste for evil on high school baseball. Loosely based on the origins of the Rilesville Haters, whose underhanded tactics led them to be barred from all Down County high school games, the film falls apart in the first thirty seconds when Gourash reveals the entire plot in an unscripted aside to the audience.

When the film was released it was widely panned for its use of excessive violence, mostly from exploding baseballs used to blow up rival teams in Down County. But it was a box office smash in Rilesville where it fed a local sense of persecution and prompted Taglia to up the ante.

But not all controversial media at this weekend’s festival are films.

everyone loves raymondThe locally popular Everyone Hates Farook on Rilesville’s cable channel, KRIL, is equally controversial and prompted a Down County Board of Supervisors’ inquiry into the channel’s inclusion in GEPCO’s Family Entertainment lineup. But GEPCO stood their ground characterizing the channel as “a refreshing change” while castigating Roman Candy for calling it “Whack-A-Mole TV.” They also said KRIL is in its infancy and they “expect great entertainment” in the coming months. The comedy series, starring Giddeon Flack, features weekly attacks on a wanna-be Rilesvillian from Poison Wells named Farook who makes enemies with everyone he meets. It airs Tuesdays at 9pm.

60s comedy filmPerhaps less controversial is the classic ’60’s comedy What Could (possibly) Go Wrong? from Rilesville director, Torrio de Angeles. The film, starring Horst Mulebratten in his first (and last) comedic role, follows the escapades of a wacky quintet as they rob, pillage and faire l’amour on the cobblestone streets of 1966 Rilesville.

The third annual Hate In The Media Festival runs through May 8th at the Rilesville Rialto on the corner of Hate and Loathing in downtown Rilesville. Tickets are $15 at the door.

See you there! 

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