Concealed Carrie at the HAAC

concealed carrieRadio personality, Concealed Carrie, will host a concealed weapon fashion show at the Hormel Horse And Assembly Center this weekend to benefit Sheriff “Big Dog” Ramsey’s re-election effort which, if polls are correct, can use all the help it can get.

Carrie, who first met Ramsey during a sting operation at Quik Fux that lasted three years and netted a valet selling combustible lozenges, had nothing but praise for the sheriff during a recent radio show.

“No one knows more about concealment than Big Dog. He taught me everything I know. I’m doing this benefit because I just want to give back.”

According to Madam Moon, proprietor of Quik Fux, Carrie gave more than “back” to the revered sheriff. But that hasn’t dissuaded the hundreds of fans already lining up outside the HAAC to catch a glimpse of Carrie and grab some fashion tips on concealed weapons.

And they won’t be disappointed.

Carrie, whose mid-afternoon radio show is nearing the ratings record set by Roman Candy’s final installment of Inside Flubug Tonite, has models from as far off as Hell or High Water (30 miles east of Shilltown and completely off the Down County map) who’ve agreed to participate in the two-day event.

concealed carryMany, including Mimi “Ot Six” (right) whose concealment techniques have been criticized by Euton “Dude” Holmes and others as “seriously lacking,” are donating their time just for the exposure.

“It’s a great way to, ya know, introduce myself,” says Mimi who claims she’s concealed “weapons ‘n shit” for most of her adult life (six months). “Sometimes you just gotta get creative.”

Others, like Marlene Franco, who carries her concealed weapon into the gym in the off chance “some idiot forgets to wipe down the stair master,”  are donating time and money.

“Big Dog’s the best sheriff this town’s ever known and it’s up to us all to help him out.”

The Flubug Shaman has strange oracular powers. For five bucks he'll tell your fortune. For ten he'll tell you the truth!Sheriff “Big Dog” Ramsey is currently running ten points behind the Flubug Shaman who’s promised free beer to anyone who votes for him, double the food stamps for anyone who has a child in the next nine months, decriminalization of methamphetamine, the release of all inmates in Brackwater Prison and a path to citizenship for everyone in Quagmire.

Tickets are $25 at the door.

concealed carry




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