Paul Pot Announces Sex Change

pol pot sex changePaul Pot, the docile Cambodian refugee whose likeness to Pol Pot spurred an investigation into potential ties with the Khmer Rouge, has finally changed his name.

He’s also changing his sex if a front page spread on the Weekly Bug (a discredited rag not worthy of mention) can be believed.

As if that’s not all, he’s also been named “Woman of the Year” over the strident objections of runners-up, including a battered mother of six who home schooled thirty autistic children while earning a bachelor’s degree and nursing Siamese twins.

pol pot skullsPot, who goes by the name “Paula,” claims “she always been woman” and credits her obsession for breeding incredibly huge dragonflies for the Summerfest Insect Toss as a “natural mothering instinct.”

When asked about her bizarre house of skulls Pot replied that she “collects skulls like woman collect shoes.”

Pot also insists her decision to forgo surgery in no way diminishes her legitimacy as a woman and scoffs at those who maintain she’s only cross-dressing.

“Got plenty padding. Double D. Nails, too. You see me on cover.”

But the women’s advocacy group, Lesbians Out Loud (LOL), takes aim at Pot’s claims and decries the subsequent publicity on their website:

“Men masquerading as women make a mockery of our struggles, trivialize our subjugation and introduce an insidious new paternalism that seeks to invade our deepest mysteries.”

Rebecca Koons of the Balto Civil Liberties Commune had similar sentiments but held her most scathing attacks for The Weekly Bug:

transgender tabloid“To elevate a man who many believe murdered two million Cambodians, who lives in a house of skulls, and who’s claim to fame is breeding dragonflies, to ‘Woman of the Year,’ – simply because he changed his name and put on a dress – is a slap in the face of every woman in Down County. The Weekly Bug should be ashamed of themselves and our hearts go out to the deserving women bypassed by this travesty.”

Pot will be sharing her cosmetic tips this Saturday and Sunday between 12pm and 2pm at Mascara in Balto’s Influenza Square.

Sampson and Sampson are reportedly mulling a book deal with Pot and Cable 99 WFLU is considering a reality show filmed on location at Pot’s house of skulls in Bradshaw’s Pike.

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