New Uzbek Minstrels Return To Flubug

New Uzbek MinstrelsThe New Uzbek Minstrels will return to Flubug for a rare, one night appearance at the Uzbek Social Club on the Nafta Superhighway this Saturday, March 26th.

The quartet, who haven’t played together since Akram the Dovul Player was arrested for cross dressing in a Bukara nightclub, will perform a cacophony of instrumentals in the Ferghana and Maqam traditions as well as hits from their new CD, “We’ve Only Just Got Dung,” a compilation of Carpenter’s covers to be released on the Mukhammed’s Goat label next month.

Their booking agent, Zarina Oybek, who won a brass medal for her rendering of “Markhor, My Markhor” in the 1997 regional Kush-Nagora competition in Tashkent, said the evening’s lineup will include such mega-hits as:

  • Ewe Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
  • There’s A Saygak In My Tent
  • One Less Palov To Grill
  • Take This Kabob And Shove It

And of course, their current smash hit, “We Only Just Got Dung.”

“We’ve only just got dung… to eat,Uzbek Social Club
Yak’s eyes and promises,
Some piss to drink and we’re on our way,
We’ve only just got dung-ung-ung,

Sharin’ lipioshka, just the two ov us,
Vatchink for chol’ra on the way,
Dreamink of plova, just the two ov us,
Cursink your father every day
Whatever…  …what-ever!

It’s all happening at the Uzbek Social Club this Saturday night. Admission is eight thousand soms ($16) at the door and includes a complimentary shot of quince compote, one trip to the World Famous All-You-Can-Eat Sumalak Bar and a chance to win a carved melon.




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