WOPP Gets Vapid

VAPIDThe latest entrant into the increasingly high-rent district west of Pencil Place (WOPP) is Vapid, a vape shop that features west-of-the law products in an old time tobacconist setting.

Run by Euton “Dude” Holmes’ brother, Amos, Vapid expands on the offerings at Dude’s Guns & Smoke Shop with a hip new atmosphere that would never play in Bradshaw’s Pike. Incense with scents like Swamp Meadow, Tire Fire, Week Old Burrito and Recycle Bin, synthetic pot from top name Chinese manufacturers and a wide array of recreational brine (bath salts) are just a few of the products offered.

vapid-adVapid also sells weapons and ammunition, a real plus for those who can’t (won’t) make the trip to Bradshaw’s Pike. Backpack flame throwers that can be customized with your school logo, hollow-point armor-piercing bullets, silencers, target-seeking long guns (assault rifles), tactical utensils (combat knives), oriental curiosities (samurai swords) and clubs (clubs) offer customers a wide spectrum of sporting and home defense options.

Combustible lozenges, always a big seller at Dude’s Guns, will also be available at Vapid, but with far greater diversity. Sure, they’ll be the usual menthol and non-menthol lozenges like Newporks available in places like the Air Conditioned City (AC), but they’ll also be turmeric, curry, Mexican oregano and fennel flavored lozenges to reach a more diverse market.

newpork“We’re all about diversity,” says Amos Holmes. “Our products are diverse, our customers are diverse, the people who steal from us are diverse, even our approach to business is diverse. We diverted over $200,000 from my brother’s profits to set up this store.”

Vapid will also cater to an adult demographic with vaginal weightlifting equipment, ben wa balls, retrievable suppositories and bleaching kits for a confident rectal interaction.

Vapid opens Monday, February 1st on Iris and Pencil Place, right next to The Smelt.

See you there!



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