The Hog Is Coming To Town!

whole-hog-logo-mottoWhole Hog, the sustainable, planet-friendly, grass-fed, climate-conscious, radon-free food market, is coming to Flubug.

And WOPPsters couldn’t be happier.

The news, issued today in a press release, confirmed the popular food chain has purchased the property previously owned by Barnswallow Studios east of Pencil Place across the street from the Check N Pay.

“The Hog,” as it’s called by WOPPsters, will offer a wide array of locally produced specialty items not carried by local markets. Hot sauces from Nailyard like Third Degree, Skin Graft and Six Alarm, a fine array of Eunice cheeses including their most recent offering – Mittenkast – a brined cheese made from cow’s beestings blended with a Germanic bleu textured through the action of cheese mites.

yakAnd for those who like yak?

Whole Hog plans to offer a full-service yak bar with such delicacies as blackened yak sliders, carmelized yak (with shaved carrot) and quinoa-stuffed yak burgers with sriracha aioli.

The grand opening is February 1st with lots of free bahn mi rolls and samples of stunted grape cheesecake. Serves you right if you miss it!

skin graft


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