Eunice Man Wins Worst Decoration Prize


For the first time in two decades a Eunice man, Dr. Josiah “Tecumseh” Sherman, has won The Bugle’s coveted Worst Christmas Decoration prize for all of Down County.

The prize, which carries a modest check but considerable esteem, is given out each year for the most poignant expression of Christmas apathy and has been won by such notables as Hope Faydz, Sheriff “Big Dog” Ramsey, Shorty, Nick Carz and Filbert “Doc” Robbie.

faust-adWe caught up with Sherman outside his ramshackle rambler in Eunice proper, and asked how he managed to pull off such a feat.

“Well,” he explained. “I think I’d been tryin’ too hard these last few years. Even my wife said it were never ‘messy’ enough to win the prize. So this year, I just threw the lights over the front gutter and wham! I gets this call from The Bugle.”

Asked how he intended to spend the six dollars, Sherman said he planned to buy a sixpack of Faust and a few single cigarettes.

ADA-EffeteThink you’ve got what it takes to win The Bugle’s Worst Christmas Decoration prize? Just send your name, address and ten dollars to: Worst Prize c/o Cam Liston at The Flubug Bugle.




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