Pissy Sweeps Best in Show 5th Straight Year


Yes dog lovers, the record still stands. Pissy, Flubug’s 11 year old mixed breed, chihuahua/ schnauzer favorite,  was the unanimous choice for Best in Show at the annual Down County Kennel Club competition.

Esmerelda Watkins lives and smokes in Graphite Cornerz.Pissy is trained, inbred and shown by Flubug’s own Esmerelda Watkins (who heads the Down County Health and Human Services Department in her spare time). The five-time winner credits her animals’ strong showing to a diet of fold scraps, infrequent walks and complete lack of parasite control.

“Don’t give em nothing and they’ll give you everything”, she said, choking back tears (or a lodged marijuana seed) from the awards podium. “Pissy is everything to me.”

Stiff competition was provided by Nick Carz’ Lockjaw currently on loan to the Rilesville Sheriff’s Office. The 6 year old mastiff bit his trainer (as usual) and two show officials, broke his lead and mauled  several tottlers before being subdued with a feedbag of live, premium wrens.


The second runner up, Shittles (owned by Ladybug), lost her chance to claim Blue when the dachshund/possum mix circled the ring in a crouch and let out a diariaha-like mix that sent spectators gagging toward the exits. It was not immediately clear at printing if Shittles “performance” will prevent him from further competition at the show. Ladybug was unavailable for comment.

Another great event to kick off this year’s Summerfest! And another tradition lives on.

Happy 100th, Flubug!



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