Summerfest Celebrates Flubug Centennial

pyre-of-progressIt’s that time of year again. That magical time when ferris wheels, fried twinkies and entertainment conspire to turn a summer week into a Faust-fed hullabaloo. And this year the festivities will be even more daunting as Flubug celebrates its 100 year anniversary.

What’s new for 2015? 100-yearsThe Overmeyer Historical Society’s Pyre of Progress, a burning 100-foot tower that treats visitors to a reenactment of Flubug’s greatest achievements. And will it be fun! Made from fire-resistant kindling, the pyre will reach nine hundred degrees on the outside and be visible from as far off as the Bat Museum in Vermouth. But visitors won’t feel the heat thanks to a patented climate control system designed to shield them from the inferno.

“The technology was invented right here in Flubug,” says OHS curator-turned-architect, Pons de Leortsky. “The patent was bought by the Dickwadd Foundation in 1952 and never used. Makes you wonder what other inventions are out there!”

Visitors will be thrilled by the hungry flames and amazed at the sweeping view from the observation deck on top. “We built the pyre on a hill just north of the fairgrounds so folks could enjoy the view. Once you get past the flames, you can see straight through to Tanwater Lake.”

They’ll also be able to roast weinies through protective bars that surround the upper deck. But beware. Management isn’t responsible for injuries that result from horseplay. So don’t tempt junior to edge dangerously close to the flames!

Gromers-barometerInside, visitors will be treated to a spectacle of Flubug achievements including:

  • Overmeyer’s Infernal Machine
  • J Gomer’s barometer/wall ornament
  • Pook’s first stuffed possum
  • Crazy Janie Carz’ original roller skates
  • a wax likeness of Jenny Overmeyer
  • Barking’s founding midgets’ 12-foot horn
  • the burnt remains of a Tin Wa Wa teepee
  • re-enactment of the birth of Tire Fire City
  • Scotch Johnson’s left front fender
  • early map of “Fluuebugh” Territory
  • a ’74 FMC Dolphin-navigated Charlatan
  • and a haunting rendition of Flublind Carter’s Ballad to Jenny played on an old Victrola

Bygone celebrities will also be on hand, including Erskine “Bossman” Robbins, Umlatz Karshlev and Socrates “Scotch” Johnson who’ll drive his race car within a few feet of surprised guests in a mad search for gas.

“It’s all part of our incredible new lineup,” boasts Summerfest president, Shlomo Berel. “Nothing’s too good for Flubug’s 100th birthday party.”

The Pencil Place entrance opens at 6pm Sat. June 27th. Tickets are on sale at the gate for $10/adults, $8/ kids. Seniors over 82 get in free. Unlimited parking is $5.00/day, $7.00 in the Waller-free lot.

See you there!



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