Raccoons Nabbed in Motel Sting

by-the-way-motelDown County Road – An early morning raid that sent prostitutes scurrying and arms dealers running for their vehicles, netted three top lieutenants in the notorious Ringtail Boys gang, police say, and more arrests could be on the way.

The Ringtail BoysThe gang, thought by police to include fifteen to twenty raccoons, has been implicated in a series of backyard invasions, trash robberies, garage break-ins, wren removals and the recent disappearance of disease samples from the CDC. According to Lt. Leighton Washington with the Flubug Police, they may also be responsible for a rash of unsolved murders.

“We have pretty definitive proof they were involved in eight, maybe ten, pet murders in the last two years. So catching them was a high priority.”

According to police, Flubug PD and ARF agents had to pose as out-of-state buyers looking to buy inexpensive, slightly gnawed, food.

ARF-badge“Once we ascertained their hideout and gained their confidence, it was all over,” said Washington. “In the end they just got greedy.”

The arrests bring to a close a month-long operation (RACSAC) at the By The Way Motel which at its height saw the participation of forty agents.

“This was really a team effort,” said Sheriff Ramsey from his Stateline resort where he’s vacationing for the holidays. “We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the brave men and women who brought these scoundrels to justice.”

Mayor Ornery agreed. “You gotta hand it to these guys. Facing off with a bunch like the Ringtail Boys takes guts. Real guts. This is a proud moment for Flubug.”

Heather-HartBut not everyone was pleased. Heather Hart, local director of the Animal Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the sting operation was “a complete waste of resources” and “an embarrassment” for law enforcement.

“It’s clear Flubug Police have no appetite for danger. Now they’re chasing raccoons. What ever happened catching the Villaneuva brothers? Was that too dangerous?”

Kate Bashen, Executive Director of Lavender Condition, also weighed in on the arrests.

“We will be out in force tomorrow in front of the courthouse and if they harm one hair on those dear little raccoon’s heads, we’ll raise holy hell.”

The raccoons are expected to be arraigned by early next year.

Anita Rimes is an investigative reporter with The Bugle. She may be reached at the Flubug Motel Mondays thru Fridays and at The Ditch after 2am on weekends.



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