TFC Kicks Off Fund Drive

tire fire city

Tire Fire City kicks off its second annual Christmas fund drive this Thursday which officially brings to an end last year’s fund drive (which netted seven dollars). Speaking on condition of anonymity, Clarence Buboe, who replaced outgoing fund drive manager Ricki Buboe, made no excuses for the fund’s performance other than to say that his brother is “an idiot” and never should have been left in charge of such an important task.  Louis Rogue Club ad

The fund hopes to raise over $100 this season to fray the cost of two new exits and a bus to replace the one lost when the east fire crossed into Bixby’s Bus Service last May. Matching funds are also available. In fact, several businesses have increased their matching funds – KRAK and Yee’s Appliance Garden among them – on the bet that they’re probably never have to pay out.

“Up until now it’s been a pretty safe bet,” says Buboe. “Businesses got great PR without ever dishing out a penny. But this year’ll be different. You’ll see.”

Ricki Buboe did not return our phone calls and we have every reason to believe he’s still drinking with Nick Carz at Louie’s Rouge Club. Bottoms up, Ricki!












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