Xmas Decorating Contest Begins


Sunday kicks off the Annual Used Car and Christmas Decor contest in Flubug and folks are lining up around the block to win the crown and grand prize of six Fausts plus a free trip to Gramps McCauley’s House of Wax in downtown Barking.

But it won’t be easy.

Last year’s prize went to Bob Scrotalwick for his original piece, “Reindeer No. 2 for Strings and Volks” (above). He’s rumored to be working on another piece this year and though regulations have tightened (tires must now be inflated), he’s still favored by odds-maker, Nick Carz, to retain the title.

Cal Peatty's assemblage

Cal Peatty’s assemblage

But that doesn’t sway Cal Peatty who’s also entering again with his “Flamingo Bay” assemblage, rejected as “ludicrous” by last year’s judges.

Says Peatty: “I really wasn’t ready last year. I didn’t put in the time and I didn’t do the prep work. With a high stakes contest like the UCCD, you really have to have your act together.” 

As always, contestants will be judged on originality, special effects, adhesives, safety and the likelihood that anyone outside their immediate family would know what the decor is about.

house-wax-adEntries must be postmarked no later than Nov. 14th and have the correct postage. Not responsible for lost, stolen, undelivered, undeliverable, gnawed or partially opened mail.

Contest ends Sunday, Dec. 14th. Judges decisions are final.

* * * * *

House of Wax tickets are good thru January unless specifically marked. In case of tie, prize will be awarded to the first recipient to arrive at the door. In case both recipients arrive at the door, neither will be allowed in and two prizes will be awarded in next year’s contest.


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