Appliances II Opens Weds


Fitz Calloway, Bugle Movie Critic – Amid cries of commercialism, shameless product promotion and and plaguerism, Tran Minh Yee’s Appliances II opens in theaters throughout Flubug next week (or at least the Illiad Theater) and by all accounts it’s on track to be a box office smash. Not since the last movie in Flubug (“Beach Ball Fiasco”) has so much hype been generated for such a low budget film. And this will be Yee’s first animated production.

“Animation newest thing,” said Yee, who produced, directed and performed all the voices in the film. “I do myself. Save money on staff. Save money on advertising, too.”

But “saving money on advertising” is precisely what has some critics seeing red.

yee-adThe film opens at Yee’s Appliance Garden in Flubug. When Yee closes the shop one night the appliances spring to life, singing and dancing, each prouder than the last of their incredibly low prices. The protagonist, “Spin Dry,” insists he can last longer than the others which sparks a new round of competition. “Toasty” maintains he’s the best buy for the money. “Monty” (the monitor) boasts he’s the highest quality product on the shelf. “Cammy” claims he can take better pictures than them all. In the end, Yee returns in the morning to find them all back where he left them and the movie ends.

To say this is a shameless production would be putting it mildly. The entire film is little more than a commercial for Yee’s Appliance Garden. The animation is terrible. Yee’s hand can be seen moving the characters. The voices are all the same. The soundtrack was lifted from Disney’s 1938 production of Snow White with songs like “Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! My prices are so low!” and “No Way My Price Will Drop.” The credits were fudged to create the illustion of a production company rather than Yee doing everything by himself. Even the sequel is misleading.

There never was an Appliances I.

Not many films come to Flubug, which pretty much guarantees this’ll be a hit. But in this critic’s opinion, you’d be better off watching hand puppets at the HAAC’s Silhouette Puppetry Show in November. At least the HAAC only charges $5.00 to get in.




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