Flubug Fall Festival: Goat Horns N Gravy


Grab your hat, pull on your mittens and get ready for the biggest event of the season: Flubug’s Fall Festival …and this year’s event is going to be a whopper!

The festival kicks off at 8pm at the south (safe) entrance to Founder’s Park with your Mistress of Ceremonies, this year’s Bonfire Queen, Amber da Bammer Carz, who’ll preside over the performances and a dizzying array of talent.

goat-horn-by-starlightFirst up is Gramps McCauley, back on his goat horn for an encore performance of The Tanwater Canticles, a series of musical interludes channeled by the Flubug Shaman from the Book of Jack.

Next is Wren, winner of last year’s Sad Folk Festival and swim team finalist at the Quagmire Special Olympics. Wren will perform some of her most poignant songs including “Morning After Waffle,” “Leaky Dingy,” about her wretched life in Miasma, “Cryin’ to Meet You,” which won Flublue’s Best Last Song to Play When Committing Suicide award, and “Tweet Me Sometime,” featuring Wren on percussive toe cymbal.

Sonata will be there, too, singing hit songs from her role as Ditzy in the runaway stage performance of “Possum.” Strung from wires, as she is in the show, Sonata’s song list will include “Whoop ‘im on Down,” “Don’t Drink From My Jug” and “Ya Better Warsh If Ya Want’s to Et.” Sure to find the crowd singing along.

fall-festival-cider-tossThis year’s festival will also include fun and games, like Plague Apple Bob where participants bob for infected Hormel apples while wearing protective masks. The Cider Toss which tests contestants’ skill at tossing empty cider jugs at photos of Yee. And the ever-popular Recluse Catch.

As always, there’s always snacks, refreshments, Possum Gulp, Fausts and plenty of free gravy at the concession stands. And paramedics are never more than a phone call away. See you there!

Visitors are encouraged to place hefty bags over their car windows and park in assigned areas. Those hoping to have their cars stolen for the insurance are encouraged to park by the north entrance.






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