Possum Starts 118th Season

Possum N Taters poster

Possum N Taters, the longest running musical/mystery dinner theater in Down County (perhaps the galaxy) begins their 118th season at 8pm this Friday at the Flubug Playhouse in the old Illiad Theater. And tickets are (surprisingly) still available.

This year’s cast includes The Bugle’s own Fletch Kettlefish who plays “Glitch” and Horst Mulebratten who plays the irascible Possum.

“Possum” has long been a cult classic in Flubug. Many sing along with the players on stage. Lyrics from the play’s most memorable songs have made their way into the local lexicon like “Whoop Him On Down,” “Won’t Drink From My Jug” and “Why’s There Them Possums On My Wall?” That’s probably why this year’s backers have no intention of making changes.

“We wouldn’t touch it with a stick,” smiled Dice Murphy, echoing the opening lyrics from Whoop Him On Down. “After 118 years, Possum is the longest running show on the planet. And like I say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Murphy, who reportedly put up $200 to revamp the theater, will be among those on hand to welcome the season’s cast“We want a whole new generation to discover Possum,” he said. “It takes a great cast to elevate a story about beating a possum to death to the level of dinner theater. And we’ve got that with this year’s cast.”

Possum tickets are $45 at the door and include a complimentary possum refrigerator magnet. Parking is $6.00, $12.00 in the Waller-free lot.

A Flublue favorite! 


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