Wolf Hosts Pencil Xmas Lighting


If anyone can bring Flubug together, it’s The Wolf. And that’s just what he did at last night at the Annual Christmas tree lighting at the World’s Tallest Pencil in Flubug. Attended by an estimated 1,500 people, The Wolf, as Master of Ceremonies, was in rare form as the event got underway.

And he didn’t disappoint.

Beaming from a theater screen on loan from the Eunice Drive-In, The Wolf took the stage just moments after the lights were lit from  atop of the 600-foot pencil. “Merry Christmas, Flubug!” he waved to a delighted audience who hoisted their kids to get a look at what may believe may be the 127 year-old entertainer’s last performance. “Is Santa Claus coming to Flubug?”

“Yes!” the crowd roared in a time-worn tradition.

“Are we gonna get everything we asked for?”

“Yes!” they roared again.

“Ya better watch out,” he quipped as the crowd mouthed his words. “I asked for something one Christmas and she’s still with me!” The audience lapped it up. Then The Wolf did what he’s done every Christmas for as long as anyone can remember.

He sang.A Different Animal

Accompanied by A Different Animal, who this year added Breugel bassoonist, Harold The Nazi, to their lineup, The Wolf belted.out an array of Flubug’s most beloved yuletide hits, including “Whose Child Is This?” “I Saw Mommy Doin’ Santa Claus” “All I Want For Christmas Are My Thirty Two Teeth” “Angels We Have Heard When High” and a moving rendition of “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fracking.”

Two encores later, even the lights stayed on, in contrast to last year’s pandemonium when bulbs from Yee’s Appliance Shop went dark as The Wolf blurted out “I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas.”

A good time was had by all.

Noticeably absent was Mayor Bobby Ornery who has officiated the event since his innauguration in 1972. Many remember his attempt to climb the Pencil while under the influence in 2011 and seemed somewhat relieved at his absence  Others, like The Bugle staff, see no reason to bring up memories that could only hurt him politically, especially during our Christmas fund-raiser.


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