Ya Can’t Keep A Good Yee Down!

With record droughts and water shortages throughout Down County the price of drinkable water has tripled over the last month. But if you can set aside your pride (and health) there is a low cost alternative.

Yee’s number five son, Knowe How Sell Yee (shown above) is bottling water straight from Tanwater Lake. And he’s selling the liquid for only a buck.

Even so, the water, which Yee characterizes as “almost same artisan well water,” has health officials concerned. Flubug Water Commisioner Bunky Fowler, who recently added a 12,000 sq ft addition to his Downslope Estate McMansion, gave a wary endorsement. “I know we’ve all been taught not to drink from the lake. But hey, if something’s scarce you pay more for it, right? That’s Capitalism 101. If you want to pay ten bucks a bottle for water, go for it. Yee’s just offering a choice in an economic downturn. I say pick your poison!”

But the CDC is less supportive. In a statement issued Friday the agency stated flatly: “Tanwater Lake was declared a Superfund cleanup site in 1992. The county kept the Environment Extortion Agency at bay by promising to clean the lake themselves. Yet in twenty years their only response has been to raise property taxes and sue every business in sight. Given that ten swimmers, eight campers and a dozen dogs have died through contact with the lake, we consider any scheme to distribute its water commercially to be the height of recklessness.”

Yet despite the CDC’s hyperbole (they also claimed stagnant water in Flubug’s reservoir would provide a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes) the vending machines have been distributed to a dozen locations. And more are on the way.

“Machines soon be all over county!” announced Yee proudly. “Sell Dirty Water, ‘Possum Swill’ …even Faust!”

If nothing else, the young Yee’s entrepreneurial spirit proves the old Flubug adage: “You can’t keep a good Yee down!” And given the current record-breaking drought, who would want to?

Can’t Keep a Good Yee Down Podcast



6 thoughts on “Ya Can’t Keep A Good Yee Down!

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    • Thanks, TC! Our only laptop at The Bugle just died… so it might be a day or so before we can get Nick Carz to steal…erm… buy.. us a new one.. but stand by,, word is you’re about to become a member of the staff! Congratulations!! (new staff members buy lunch, btw)


      • That is funny.Thanks don’t know how much help i will be but i try.About lunch,to far to buy it.But it would have been my pleasure to do it.You ppl are great and funny.


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