“Weekend” To Die For!

Few thought it was possible, but local rock czar and KRAK GM, “Weekend” Jones, appear to have brokered a peace (or at least a truce) between the varied segments of Flubug’s emerging Sad Folk scene.

Tomorrow night The Ditch will play host (or hostess) to the First Annual Sad Folk Fest, set to begin at 9 pm with “Weekend” Jones as emcee. The show, produced by none other than Hope Faydz, noted blogger, feminazi, and radio hostess, should prove interesting if for no other reason than the personalities involved. Faydz is embroiled in a high profile feud with roving gossip columnist Roman Candy¬†over his unflattering expose on Inside Flubug Tonite which detailed her lurid escapades with young Wren.

Sad Folk Fest Podcast






But Faydz was quick to fight back.

“You’re scum, Candy,” she proclaimed on her blog. “an oozing, slimy slug,” “a maggot,” “a two-bit, washed up has-been.” Her comments may be read here.

Yet the facts seem to be in Candy’s favor. By her own admission Hope has been linked romantically with the rising starlet. And her short-lived romance with Gwen sparked a public scandal last month when the two were caught kissing in Moxie’s bathroom. Yet the waifish Wren seems to have played her hand well. Though Gwen discovered her, singing along the shores of the Miasma, Wren is in no hurry to leave her wealthy new benefactor.

That could make for a really charged night at The Ditch. To hear Mandy (booking agent for The Ditch) tell it: “It’s incredible they agreed to be on the same bill, or even the same room for that matter.” She paused for a moment then smiled. “But I’ll betcha five bucks it’ll be a sellout.”

Sonata adFor her part, Gwen has agreed to perform only her most recent tunes, inspired by her amorous troubles of late. Wren, on the other hand, will continue to feature songs from her debut CD, “Wren.” Sonata, star of the smash hit, “Possum ‘N’ Taters,” now in it’s 118th season, has vowed not to sing any songs from the venerable classic. But we’d be surprised if she didn’t add “Don’t Drink From My Jug” to her encore.
As usual, EMTs will be on hand to handle the inevitable drug overdoses and abscesses. And a new on-site probation kiosk will be setup in the lobby so parolees can “check in” with their virtual probation officers and even give U.A.s straight from the club. “It’s a new thing we’re trying,” says Mandy Manley. “We saw a lot of customers get clipped for dirty U.A.s after our shows. So we sell Golden Seal for $20 at the bar. Keeps ’em out of jail and coming back. We’ve even got an on-site stomach pump in case folks on prescription drugs add the good stuff from Raven.”
Tickets are $20 in advance and $10 at the door. Watch your wallet.

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