Introducing Wren

SCENE – Attention Flubug Womyn! Hold onto your rainbow sun catchers and feathered ear clips. There’s a new “She Shaman” in town.. and her name is Wren. Seen here performing at Bohunk’s, this waifish, multi-talented sorceress has become an overnight sensation with the gal-centric, “sad folk” scene in Flubug.

And it happened almost overnight.

Wren Podcast







bohunks bar and game shop adIn just three weeks, since floating our way from her home in the Miasma Rapids, Wren has commanded SRO performances during Bohunk’s Open Mike Nite (once the indisputable roost of sad-folk progenitor, Gwen), a turn-away crowd at That Place Down The Road and top-billing at the most infamous club in Flubug: The Ditch. Indeed, Mandy Manley, Booking Agent at The Ditch with a nose for scouting new talent, has stated publicly that “Wren can do no wrong.”

That’s a pretty bold statement coming from Mandy.

But Manley insists: “This chick has the full package. The tears, the fears, the addictions, the woeful voice… the sonorous tune-smithing. I won’t be surprised if she knocks Gwen off her ivory tower as the most depressing songstress in Flubug.”

And many people agree.

Wren’s debut CD, released on the Barnswallow label, clearly backs that up. From the haunting opener, “Tweet Me Sometime,” featuring Wren on a percussive toe cymbal, to “Leaky Dinghy” which tells of loves lost to the Miasma Rapids, her CD is simply a masterpiece. “Morning After Waffle” is among our favorites, adding a sad folk twist to a ’70’s classic, “One Less Egg To Fry.” And her twelve-minute, closing epic, “Cryin’ to Meet You” has already proven to be as timeless as her crackling vocals.

Look out, Gwen! You might have brought this newcomer to town, but Wren’s melancholy strains might just be your undoing!

Wren’s new CD, titled simply “Wren.” was produced by Weekend Jones and recorded at Barnswallow Studios in Flubug.

Wren Podcast


Gwen's Hours of Regret on KRAK Radio


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