Excitement Builds As Great Race Nears

Last year’s winner

The excitement was palpable at Carson’s Car Service today as entrants from across the county attended to last minute details for this Friday’s Great Race. the Tour duh Flubug. Air wrenches blasted. Tires rolled in and out. And grease permeated the air. No one, it seems, is leaving anything to chance in this, Flubug’s most important sporting event of the year.

The race, started to commemorate the Father of Flubug, Socrates “Scotch” Johnson, who ran out of gas in 1932 and started the first filling station in Flubug, was first won, fittingly, by his son, Crotch Johnson, who won by a nose in 1942. Since then many changes have been implemented.. and the race has become much more dangerous.

The fun starts at the World’s Largest Graphite Pencil then winds down Main Street where the streets are sure to be packed with well-wishers. From there the racers will drive solemnly around The Turnaround in a time-honored tradition in remembrance of Hayseed Burnabee who died tragically when his mule tossed him through Ladybug’s window nine year’s ago. At the end of the turnaround the engines will rev and the race will be on!

Make sure to get your FREE map before they run out. As always, The Bugle will keep it updated every day so you’ll always know where your favored driver stands. You can download your free map here!


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