New On KRAK: “Inside Flubug Tonite”

The celebrity culture is nothing new to those who follow the tabloid news. Yet somehow it seems to have passed Flubug by. And though we have no shortage of infamous characters (everywhere we look), we’ve long lacked a public square where we can jeer, taunt and humiliate these characters and pry deep into their personal lives.

But all that changes on Monday night when KRAK Radio rolls out a full hour of “gotcha” journalism with their hot, new program, Inside Flubug Tonite!  I.F.T. will be hosted by none other than Down County’s rudest, nosiest and most abrasive talk radio show host/papparazzi, Roman Candy. And Candy promises to deliver the goods with a trove of fabricated scandals, out-of-context interviews and more than his fair share of hair pulling.

Candy, who gained notoriety with his wildly popular “Hate Radio Hour,” which aired for eight years, will now direct his venom at a new target: not the rich or famous, not even celebrities, but regular folk unlucky enough to garner his attention (and it’s not easy to avoid his roving eyes!)

Inside Flubug Tonite will air Monday through Friday from 6-7pm on KRAK Radio, 77.5AM and feature the hottest gossip in Flubug.

You won’t want to miss it!

A Note From The Editors: In accordance with our solemn vow to print only the most honest, unbiased and vetted news, The Bugle has agreed to let Inside Flubug Tonite publish highlights from Roman’s shows each week without editorial supervision. This decision was not easy for us, but we needed a new computer and a few other things and… well… let’s just see how it goes.


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