Hope Faydz Comes to KRAK

As if Gwen’s runaway hit “Hours of Regret” wasn’t enough to send you scurrying to your nearest nurse practitioner for more Xanax, KRAK Radio rolls out their newest program this evening at 9pm starring none other than our own manic-depressive, Hope Faydz.

Hope’s guests in tonight’s kickoff hour-long program entitled “Hope Faydz Eternal,” will include famed spelunker, author and past life aficionado, Sonata, Esmerelda Watkins, just back from her ninth go at rehab and of course, Gwen, whose organization Womyn With Problems has been helping young runaways realize there really isn’t anything to live for since 2002. She’ll also kick off her new blog.KRAK ad

The call-in program, which will tackle the thorny issues of the day, will be open to the public, so get to a phone booth or get that iPhone you stole working before nine o’clock. Tonight’s topics will include the proposed sludge pipeline between Poison Wells and Vermouth, Mayor Ornrey’s decision to campaign with Joe the Lifeguard and a live Q&A with Carlton Dickwadd Jr, owner of Dickwadd’s Private Probation, Inc.

This is must-hear radio, folks. And it’s history in the making for Hope Faydz who only months ago tried to slash her wrists with a plastic knife at Dem Bones Family Restaurant. So grab some pork rinds and that flat Possum Swill still sitting in the fridge from last week’s Summerfest and get ready for the show of a lifetime…. Hope Faydz!

See ya at nine o’clock.



4 thoughts on “Hope Faydz Comes to KRAK

  1. Possums are extremely intelligent and can be trained to do the work REAL AMERICANS refuse to do! That’s right! While the unemployed GET FAT on unemployment, possums are ready to pick up the slack… and at practically NO PAY!! They’re the wave of the future, Lawrence. Trust us on this.. 😉


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