Pewter Tosh Brings Reggae to The 1%

In what promises to be a controversial climax to a week of festivities,  Dub Toaster, Pewter Tosh, brings his muscular seven-piece to The Ditch this Wednesday for a showcase event that’s bound to stir up some fireworks.

The Eunice septet features the prominent bass and drums of most reggae, but Tosh does it with a twist, advocating for the right instead of the traditional left. The result is an odd mix of Bob Marley and Ayn Rand. Songs like “Privatize It”, “Get Up, Stand Up! (Stand Up For Your Yacht)”, “No Taxes, No Cry” and “Eric Holder is a Bitch” carve a unique niche for a band that distanced themselves early on from many in the local scene.

Their entourage, a consortium of thugs from Nailyard, Watersbad Canyon and Vermouth, have also set them apart from the mainstream and resulted in numerous stage-side melees. Perhaps the most glaring ensued when the band performed at select polling places in Down County during “Big Dog” Ramsey’s 2008 campaign. Allegations of voter intimidation followed allegations of assault and battery as actual car batteries were hurled at voters.

Asked why she’d book a contentious band like Tosh on a day when explosives and drunkenness are at their highest, Mandy Manley, proprietress of The Ditch, said only,  “I just thought it would be fun,” singing the lyrics to Pewter’s most memorable hit as she walked away: “Privatize it! Don’t liberalize it! Downsize it! And then disenfranchise it!”

The fun starts at 8pm Wednesday, July 4th and continues, we suppose, until someone loses an eye.

Tickets are $40 at the door but anyone with horse ownership papers will be admitted for only $2.


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