Flubug Occupiers? Bring ‘Em On!

It was hard to miss for awhile. Wherever you looked a vast movement was underway. In the cities and towns, in the historic centers of our greatest cultural centers, people were gathering to voice their opposition to the Ruling Class, to the marginalized “99%” they claim had been forgotten by those in power. The “99ers,” as they were called, staked their claim to anything and everything. No park or lot was overlooked. No vacant space was decrepit enough to dissuade them from setting up shop.

Except Founder’s Park.

This week Mayor Ornery said what everyone’s had on their minds for years: that the park is a dump and that we as a community would be lucky to find anyone dumb enough to occupy it. And he paid a political price for his views. The Flubug Merchants Association piled on Ornery as if he was Jowan Trubshaw fumbling the ball for the eighteenth time. Donations dried up. Endorsements withdrawn. And checks were rewritten for Ramsey’s campaign.

We at The Bugle applaud the mayor. And we urge the motley hotheads at Lavender Condition to launch their own Occupy Movement here in Founder’s Park. It’s close to KRAK studios. Wild Bill’s restroom is only a short walk away. And it would be a boon to local business.

It would also prevent another embarrassing omission. Last year we were overlooked to host Tom Daschle’s cross-country Tax Tour. The year before that we were dismissed in the first round as the possible site for Scooter Libby’s Memorial Library. If Founder’s Park becomes the only park not worthy of occupation during this brief but expressive moment in American suppression we have only ourselves to blame.

Mayor Ornery paid dearly for his assessment. His honesty may have poisoned his wife’s chances as well, though she remains unopposed for City Councilwoman. But by turning a blind eye, the Flubug’s Merchants Association have shown that they’ve yet to see the bill… much less pay for it.


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