Moxies: A Cup of Flubug’s Past

original Moxie's Cup N Saucer

Recently unearthed photograph of Moxie’s (1949)

Anyone who knows Flubug knows Moxie’s. And if you’ve been in town for more than a week, Moxie’s knows you! The revered establishment has long served Down County’s finest fixins.. bird wings, roadside salad, hand-grappled catfish… and the eatery continues to delight diners to this day, more than seventy years since Mick Moxie opened his doors in 1942.

Back then, Crotch Johnson was getting his start, though few could foresee that his clock repair business would be a complete waste of time. It was an era of opportunity, a time of unbridled optimism, a moment in history when businesses in Flubug seemed immune to the vagaries of recession. 

Moxie's Cup N Saucer

Moxie’s Cup N Saucer today

But a recently unearthed photograph, discovered by Morning Shift Jenny while “doing a fatty with Gwen” has shed new light on this dark period of Flubug history and reminds us that even our most favorite condemned institutions can fall prey to the perils of competition.

It’s hard to conceive that braised sparrow, jackrabbit soup and pan-fried robin could result in anything but a financial bonanza. But there were others in search of that bonanza back them. Among them was Carlton Dickwadd, Sr., heir to the Dickwadd family fortune, who started his Dem Bones Restaurant chain in early 1949. Dem Bones, which serves chicken bones flavored with spurious seasonings, captured a market Moxie could never had never imagined: people dumb enough to pay money for salted bones.

That miscalculation cost him dearly.

“It was the worst year of my life,” he recounts. “Dickwadd was opening restaurants left and right with the money he saved on ingredients. And his early restaurants didn’t even have chairs. But his customers kept coming back… takes a lotta bones to fill you up.”

And there was plenty of disposable income back then.

But Moxie persevered. He mortgaged his home. Sold his pets. He even sold pharmaceuticals at a nearby elementary school. And Today Moxie’s Cup N Saucer is the most popular eatery in the county.

“Dickwadd may have more restaurants,” he smiles. “But we have the most loyal customers. Where else ya gonna find Goat Nuggets or Beef Heart & Rice Loaf?”

Where else indeed.

Moxie’s is located on Main and Fever and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Diners who mention this article get a free “Cup O’ Mud” while supplies last.


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