More Arrests At Stateline Strip Club

Tres Frais, the embattled strip club that’s come under fire for not making timely payoffs, was again in the spotlight last night when police descended on the Stateline establishment and made seventeen arrests.

The arrests, which ranged from prostitution to being too fat to be a stripper, were mostly confined to entertainers. But there was a glaring exception: Manager Bob Prodeskin who was nabbed while trying to squeeze out a bathroom window.

Prodeskin, who had nothing to say other than the fact that he’s not related to any Las Vegas strip club managers, has been charged with “gerrymandering,” “predatory borrowing,” “extortion” “being a creep” and making his employees “balance beach balls on their noses like circus seals” for not getting dances.

The entertainers were out of bail and partying by 7pm. Prodeskin was released an hour later, over his virulent protestations, to the the protective custody of Vinnie Villeneuva, to whom sources claim Prodeskin owes “close to $20,000.”

The entertainers will be defended pro bono by the law firm, Cialus & Sons in Balto. It was unclear whether Prodeskin would be available for his arraignment.


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