Wild Bill’s

Wild Bill's mexican restaurant
Wild Bill’s Cantina, in the Flubug Turnaround, is first and foremost a Mexican restaurant, probably the best Mexican restaurant in all Down County. Their customers are conservative and prefer traditional food and music. As such, their menudo is made from the finest intestines and barbequed every Cinqo de Mayo in the back alley.

The music is also traditional though some changes have been made to the lineup.

Los Locos Com Leche has been replaced with Los Hombres Internationale after an incident which involved a Com Leche band member and a15-year cousin to Los Hombres clarinetist, Jorge Jimenez. Jiminez, who impaled the band member with his clarinet.

Other acts include:

  • El Quasho, whose lyrics resonate deeply with potential deportees
  • Estaban Bustelo and The Yorgies
  • Fence Hoppers
  • J. Garcia and the Border Rats
  • Po’ Boys
  • Jesus and the Winemakers
  • Cabrera
  • ID Snatchers

Wild Bill’s is open seven days a week from noon until 2am and serves menudo at half price on Mondays.

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