That Place Down The Road

That Place Down The Road

That Place Down The Road: A classic roadhouse with a MOR music scene

Just past the town line, on the dimly-lit road to Hormel, is That Place Down The Road, a classic roadhouse with a middle-of-the-road dance scene that really gets going on the weekends. Most popular on weeknights is 80’s cover band, Simply Ned, led by Ned Coulter who not only conceived the project but owns the P.A.

The Center for Disease Control Boys play here once a month, too, bringing an air of levity with their fiddles, accordions and pastoral props like fish barrels, hay bales and saws. Band members are actual members of the Center for Disease Control who get together during contagious outbreaks to play country music.

Another favorite are Henhouse Explosion, who got their start at the roadhouse, though their songlist has recently seemed more for a Ditch crowd.

Without a doubt, local Hormel heroes Gone With The Wind are the hands-down favorites at That Place Down The Road. Their hard-hitting southern rock and flag-waving anthems like “Done With The ‘raqis Let’s Go Git The Pakis,” “Pardon My Drone” and “Ain’t Gonna Leave What We Jus’ Now Achieved” have crowds banding their pitchers and always play to a packed house.

If you’re looking for a night of good clean fun (or a place too out of the way for your wife to look), consider That Place Down The Road. And remember, drink responsibly! There’s no streetlights for fifteen miles.


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