Bohunk’s Bar & Game Shop

Most folks who think of Bohunk’s think of alfalfa ale, sports TV, bartenders like Coombs and Leisha, women’s arm wrestling and their shuttle service to Horseman’s Park.

But Bohunk’s is also a musical venue.

Their open mike is still hosted by Gwen, Flubug’s most depressed woman, who also heads a variety of womyn’s organizations in addition to writing songs. Her songs cover topics like eating disorders, depression, menopausal decision-making, nail-biting, over-eating and past-life channeling. She also provides help with assisted suicides which are legal in Flubug (but basically useless).

If you miss her on Wednesdays (and really, who’d blame you?) you can catch her program “Hours of Regret” at 7pm on KRAK Radio. It’s “must hear” radio for anyone who’s ever, even in passing, considered ending it all.

Gwen's Hours of Regret on KRAK Radio


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