Club Elite

Club Elite adClub Elite is the most venerable jazz club in town which, when you consider the only competition is Gwen’s collection of Miles Davis CDs, doesn’t say much. But the central location, smack in the heart of Pook’s Addition, makes “The Elite” the place (if not the only place) to be seen in Afro-American Flubug, and is always a source for great entertainment (and coke). Rappers like Gin Fizz and Cherrypickaz often play here, Hoot ‘n’ Ellis, the well-known soul duo, the discordant jazz/funk sounds of AfroSavage and the Balto Belter Shonda Taft who recently returned from an unfortunate areole injury.

It may not look like much from the outside, but owner, Oliver DeWitt “O.D.” Taylor can testify to how busy things can get on the weekends.

“Testify???” he balked recently when asked about the club’s success. “I ain’t testifyin’ for no-body!”

Club Elite is open from 6pm to 4am on the weekends and by appointment during the week.


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