Bugle Goes Dark To Protest SOPA?

In an unprecendented move (okay, since last month), The Flubug Bugle went dark in protest of SOPA, the far-reaching internet piracy bill being mulled by the Down County Commission and pushed by evil records companies and nefarious government officials who want Flubug to become another North Korea.

D. Wartti, lead editor at The Bugle, stated flatly, “We have to pull together to fight this unprecedented censorship. SOPA would destroy the internet as we know it!” He went on to say: “Now, granted, most citizens in Flubug don’t have computers and only a few have the inexpensive “dumb phones” available at MalWart. But that’s not the point. What’s at issue here is free speech! And The Bugle will fight this will all our influence.”

On further checking, however, it was discovered The Bugle’s power was disconnected by GEPCO yesterday for not paying their bills, a situation that has occurred in five of the last six months.

When asked to comment, Mr. Wartti became visibily angry. “Who you gonna believe? The most honest newspaper in town, or a predatory monopoly run by the top 1% in Flubug?”

Anita Grimes contributed to this story. She has since been placed on administrative leave pending a retraction.


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