Bohunks to Launch Park Shuttle

Bohunks Bar & Game Shop

Coombs, proprietor of Bohunk’s Bar and Game Shop in Flubug announced today the establishment of weekly junket-style bus service to Horseman’s Park in nearby Stateline. The service, hailed by park-owner Ambrose Bancroft as an “economic shot-in-the-arm,” will offer Flubuggers the opportunity to bask in the sun, root for their favorite thoroughbred and, of course, open their wallets.

The schedule, set to begin January 14th, will be offered on Saturdays with round trip tickets starting at $7.00 (cash only). Costs may vary depending on winnings.

Bohunks-Horseman’s Park Junket Schedule

  • 11am – Depart from Bohunk’s. This is the only location for outbound purchases. Tickets must be purchased at the bar and must be purchased fifteen minutes before departure. No ticket will be sold on the bus (driver carries no cash)
  • 12:30pm – Arrive Stateline Safeway parking lost. Approximately 200 yds from park entrance
  • 6:00pm – Bus departs promptly from Safeway parking lot fifteen minutes after the tenth race. No exceptions.
  • 7:30 pm- Arrive Bohunk’s Bar
  • 7:45 pm- Arrive Wild Bill’s
  • 8:00 pm- Arrive Air Conditioned City

For a full schedule or more information, please contact Coombs or Leasha at Bohunk’s Bar & Game Shop (221-0708)


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