Shonda Taft to Appear With Gin Fizz Tonite!

After weeks of speculation and side bets, Shonda Taft, the self-proclaimed “Belter of Balto,” has agreed to appear for two short shows at the venerable AC with local rap star, Gin Fizz. Her appearance will mark the first time the award-winning blues artist has appeared since her chest injury in 2009. That injury, which she incurred when a spark leapt from a frayed microphone wire to her exposed aureole, left the singer incapacitated for months and led to widespread rumors that her career had crested.

Those rumors, however, will be put to rest this evening as Shonda once again takes the stage in what promises to be a staggering, sell-out performance. “We ain’t left no stone unturned,” says Oliver DeWitt “O.D.” Taylor, proprietor of the Air Conditioned City. “We gots the best lights, the best PA system and the best wires we could find.”

Those wires, provided by Yee Tran Minh’s Appliance Garden, have some concerned in light of the recent allegations regarding his products. But Minh isn’t concerned. In fact, he plans to be at the show. “I no worry about my wires,” he said. “My wires the best in Flubug. Stake my life on it.”

Considering the clientelle at the AC, which has seen more than its share of beatings and gunplay, Yee might not be exaggerating. “They damn well better be good!” snapped Ms. Taft, speaking to us from her home in Balto. “I got a lot o’ friends at the AC and if I see any sparks jumpin’ at me, that little Flip’ll be toast.”

Tickets are $35 at the door and doors open at8pm. A complimentary weapons check is provided for a nominal fee.


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