Ambrose Bancroft

Ambrose Bancroft is a self-made millionaire whose financial acumen and incredible sense of timing (he opened his bank just days before the TARP funds were released) jettisoned his modest enterprise (valued at $300) into the empire it is today and well past the largest bank in the region (valued at no more than $400). He is also part-owner of the only race track in Down County, Horseman’s Park, located in Stateline. His silent business partners, rumored to be the notorious Villaneuva Brothers, are suspected in an elaborate horse-smuggling ring tied to the Brackwater State Correctional Facility.

To his further credit, Bancroft was the first one to notice Abcess, Flubug’s answer to Seabisquit, as the hobbled steed watched longingly at the other horses. He also paid to have Abcess’s legs “reattached” in a surprise surgery performed in the Crossley Nursing Home waiting room. Since then, he’s vowed to reopen Flubug General Hospital which left the city in 2009


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