Benefit to Aid Families of Slain Announced


Brackwater State Correctional Institution where ten inmates died last spring during impromptu food riots

In an unexpected and unusual move, an announcement was made today for a Gala Benefit to honor the so-called “Brackwater Ten” who died during an impromptu food riot at the Brackwater Correctional Facility last spring.

The event, tentatively named “Brackstock,” hopes to unite members of the Pook’s Addition community with members of the underground Ditch scene. Both groups contribute disproportionately to the inmate population at Brackwater and both have suffered disproportionate grief in the months since the melee.

Dr. Islam, leader and vocalist for the hard-hitting Afro Savage musical ensemble, put it this way: “What you see is our chance to get together, black and white, to share a few jams, raise public awareness, and maybe raise a little cash for them moms who’s been grievin’ they lost loved ones”.

Though the venue has yet to be finalized, insiders claim that the back room at Elite Hair and Nails has gained preference, given its overflow capacity and complete lack of furniture.

Albino Poo, Doc Longsleeves lead guitarist, is slated to be the unofficial host for the event, and tentative highlights include a debut from recent musical collaboration, “Itchy Brother” which features members of Afro Savage, Gin Fizz, ADRD, and Yellow Bus.

The CDC Boys, Bump and Run, and Gwen have also promised to perform at the event.

Promoters claim that 50% of the door and 8% of the bar revenue will be donated directly to families of the slain heroes. Though privately, organizers admit that if estimates follow past events, the families may have pony up a small amount.

The final date is to be announced this week.

Gwen's Hours of Regret on KRAK Radio


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