The Flubug Shaman


The Flubug Shaman came to Flubug before anyone can remember. Even before Pook, the oldest man in Flubug, can remember. And he’s been a frequent visitor to Pook’s voodoo shop over the years, and before to Pook’s taxidermy shop, which few people remember.

Fact is, the Shaman has been around for a long, long time. And his oracular powers have never been keener. The Shaman predicted the discovery of the Tanwater Scrolls. He predicted the graphite mine closing. He even predicted Sheriff “Big Dog” Ramsey’s latest win (though that wasn’t too difficult after eight terms).

His advice is sought far and wide by celebrities and everyday folk, and he can often be found in a back booth, sitting alone at the AC, sipping kombucha tea and eating Slim Jims. For less than a buck he’ll tell your fortune. For two bucks he’ll tell you the truth.


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