The Hormel Horse And Assembly Center (HAAC as it’s called by the locals) is a bee hive of activity in downtown Hormel.  Some of the many shows and exhibits featured throught the year include:

The Big Jim Bowie Knife Show held every year in December – the largest knife show outside Texas, Tennessee or Florida – great for last minute xmas shopping!

Extreme Ironing Regional Quarter Finals – over thirty Ironing Clubs pledged to attend make this annual event a must …even if you hate to iron!

‘No Crack at the HAC’ – Drug Free Spring Dance and Cotillion held at the end of each Summerfest when Bonfire Queen candidates are presented and judged

Laying Out of Hams – pork products expo features the finest pork producers in Hormel – free sausage-making seminars and give-aways

Get Filthy Rich – New this year! Self-help seminar focused on Hauling and Trash Removal

Pre Cinqo de Mayo Party – held every year on May 4th with top names like Los Hombres International and Fence Hoppers – all ages, all beverages

Razor Wire Night – a Down County tradition where county residents compete to build the world’s largest ball of razor wire – have your picture taken!

Guns on the Run – Arms smuggling tips from the pros

Admission is $4 and parking is always free outside the Jesus Is Lord Smoke Shop.


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