Hormel Goes “Green” With Odd-Looking Biped

Hormel – Call it strange, call it slow, but this little biped might be the wave of the future if Jenny and Billy Bob Frickasee have their way. It’s called the PODUNK (Pedal Operated Dual User Navigated Konveyer) and the Hormel couple have spent the last year, and much of their savings, constructing this promising prototype.

It uses no gas and generates no carbon monoxide. There are no expensive and unreliable batteries to charge, no motors or onboard computers to break down. And it never needs to be garaged! It is, to hear Jenny and Billy Bob tell it, “simplicity in motion.” And with experts agreed that gas prices can only go up, it might just be coming to a Konveyer store near you.

That is, if they can get the financing.

“There’s a lot of money floating around for so-called ‘green’ projects,” explains Billy Bob. “But most of it is going to car and energy conglomerates who caused all the problems in the first place. The PODUNK can cut our dependence on foreign oil to zero, but we can’t get it into production without financing.”

That financing has been slow to materialize. Down County Federal, who received $800 million in federal bailout funds, offered the couple $200. Balto Savings & Loan, another bailout recipient, agreed to kick in an additional $100. But the couple say these offers don’t go far enough.

“The steam engine, locomotive, bicycle and automobile all had one thing in common,” Frickasee says. “They all had financial backing. Without that, we’d still be on horseback or riding around in homemade contraptions.”

Here’s hoping they get their backing.


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