Wrestling Star Wreaks Havoc in Club

Waitress brought soft drink too slow

The Ditch, Flubug – Wrestling mega-star and state championship hopeful, Amber “Da Bammer” Carz, wrought havoc this weekend in a jam-packed nightclub when she attacked a waitress for alledgedly bringing her soft drink “too slow.” The waitress, Jenna McNubbs from Graphite Corners, was taken to Flubug General Hospital with a broken leg, three busted ribs and a brusied scalp that occurred when her hair was torn out by the roots.


Mandy Manley

According to club manager Mandy Manley, the melee began around 12:30am during the first chords of Psychotronic Cowboy’s performance which had been delayed due to fights during the previous act. Ms. Manley watched from the front entrance. “The club was packed and there was a lot of hostility at Aztec Cortez for exposing himself during the encore. But things had died down when Amber went nuts. She was just way out of line. We get four to five hundred thirsty people in here every weekend and we can’t cater to one individual. I don’t care how popular she is.”

And Amber is certainly popular. For three straight years she’s led Flubug to the state wrestling championships by trouncing anyone foolish enough to enter the ring with her. And she seems certain to continue that legacy next month when she defends her title in Hormel.

Earlier victim

But Ms. McNubbs, who doctors say will remain in traction for several weeks, is only the latest in a series of victims who’ve encountered Amber’s wrath outside the ring.. and that has some people worried.

“Look,” says Sheriff Ramsey, who drove the wrestling star home that night instead of booking her for assault. “She’s a little high-strung. I’ll give you that. But she sure ain’t a threat to the community. She’s a goddamn star, fer chrissakes. An’ stars go a little crazy sometimes.”

The Carz family has offered to pay the victim’s back wages in cigarettes “for as long as it takes,” according to Nick Carz.

psychotronic cowboy poster


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